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Interweaving mathematical content and Pedagogy of mathematics to accomplish different goals, Use of dynamic technology as a tool for conceptual understanding and empowerment. 
My main concern in research is to bridge the chasm between content of mathematics and its practices in order to empower our graduates mathematically.  Serving our community is an ultimate goal of my research.  Mathematics teachers need to be empowered with mathematics knowledge, proper resources should be critically evaluated in order to freely and flexibly help students think and inspire our kids to learn mathematics. Professional development cannot not be viewed as a separate body of knowledge to be learned at a later stage or even a separate stage.  We must start to prepare our mathematics teachers from the first year at the college if we need to produce a highly capable and qualified math teachers.  My focus with the current research is to examine our graduate level of understanding to diagnose their needs and problems.
• Cognitive thinking in mathematics and mathematical pedagogy.
• Instructional strategies for teaching mathematics
• Conceptual understanding of Calculus, Qualitative Calculus.