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• Computational mathematics
for engineering students                                       
• Calculus I & II
differentation and Integration
2001 - 2007
• Linear Algebra I
chapter 1 through chapter 7 in Anton
2003 - 2007
• Probability and Statistics
all the distribution for discret and continous variable are tuaght in this course in additionto estimation, and testing hypothesis.
2002 - 2005
• Problem Solving
teaching mathematics through problem solving. focus on the use of classroom environment and the use of heuristics and strategies to imporve students ability in mathematics problem solving
2004 -  2007
• Set theory
2004  -  2007
• Pedagogy pf Mathematics
focus on learning mathematics through different methods and strategies and the rational for its uses
2004 - 2007
• Instructional strategies for teaching Mathematics I
Focus on different methods of instructional strategies such as problem solving, reciprocal learning and other methods
207, 2008, 2009
• Instructional strategies for teaching mathematics II
study the relationship between different method of teaching and its impact on students different types of thinking, metacognition, and teacher impowerment in teaching mathematics
2008, 2009
other educational courses
• Designing and planning effective instruction
• Teaching and learning mathematics and science
• Improving understanding of mathematical concepts in school
• General instructional strategies for teaching
• Development of science and mathematics curriculum
• Characteristic of numbers and other mathematical concepts
• Instructional Design
• Individualized instruction
• Curriculum theory and its design
• Models and Strategies for Instruction
• Contemporary issues in Curriculum and Teaching of Mathematics 
• The remedial teaching in mathematics and its assessment
• Circle in mathematics curriculum and its teaching
• Use of software for teaching mathematics
2009 -2013