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Characterization of bio-inspired hair flow sensors for oscillatory airflows: techniques to measure the response for both flow and pressureH. Droogendijk, A.M.K. Dagamseh, R.G.P. Sanders, D.R. Yntema, G.J.M. KrijnenMeasurement Science and Technology25IOP Publishing2014
Electrical characterization of micromachined AlN resonators at various back pressuresA. Ababneh, A. N. Al-Omari, A. M. K. Dagamseh, H. C. Qiu, D. Feili, V. Ruiz-Díez, T. Manzaneque, J. Hernando, J. L. Sánchez-Rojas, A. Bittner, U. Schmid, H. SeidelMicrosystem Technologies202013