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AttachmentCommunications skills
Communication Process: functions, models, noise, climate, and tools. Diversity: Intercultural interdependence and communication, principles of intercultural communication styles. Listening skills: types, listening habits nonverbal behaviors. Interpersonal Relationship: workplace relations, conflict types and styles, conflict strategies and tools. Presentation skills: Workplace presentations, preparation steps, delivery styles, presentation tools. Teamwork skills: Benefits of workplace teams, analyzing effective teams, stages of team development, positive participation skills. Written Communication skills: Role, importance, and tools. Technical and other forms of writing related to employment trends. Professional Ethics and Etiquette, Leadership Skills.
Electronics I
(ELE 250)
Semiconductor materials, energy levels, P-N junction diodes; DC and AC diode applications (rectification, regulation, clipper, voltage multipliers). Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT): construction, operation, and characteristics. CB, CE, and CC Amplifiers; DC and AC analysis and design of BJT. Field Effect Transistors (FET): construction, operation, characteristics, and biasing. CS, CD, and CG amplifiers. DC and AC analysis and design of FET amplifiers.
Electronics instrumentation
Principles of Measurement, Instrument types and characteristics, measurement errors and noise, Signal processing (amplification, attenuation, filtration, linearization…etc.), Variable conversion elements, Smart sensors, Sensor technologies, thermal sensors (RTD, thermistors, thermocouples, bimetal strips, gas thermometer, vapor-pressure thermometers, liquid-expansion thermometers, solid state temperature sensors, design considerations), mechanical sensors (displacement sensors, strain sensors, motion sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors and their applications), optical sensors (photodetectors, pyrometer, optical sources, and their applications), final control element( operation, industrial electronics, actuators, control), Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level, Mass/Force, Translation, PH,  and Rotational measurements. Data presentation. Measurement reliability. Design Project.
Circuit 1
Electronics II
Systems Approach: Effect of RLoad and Rsource, Two-Port System, Frequency Response of BJT and FET multistage amplifiers (upper, lower, and bode plot), Compound configurations: devices (Darlington and feedback pairs), Circuits (cascode and cascade amplifiers, differential amplifiers, current mirrors and current sources), Operational Amplifiers: Construction, Operation, Characteristics and Applications (Integrator, differentiator, log, anti-log…etc). Frequency response of amplifiers, Power amplifiers: (class A, class B, class AB and class C amplifiers, distortion in power amplifiers), Power Supplies (Voltage regulators): discrete and IC voltage regulators.
Field training
A training period to be spent in the industry (inside or outside Jordan), under the follow up of an academic member from the department, periodical as well as a final reports and an oral examination are required.
Graduation projects
Theoretical investigation and practical implementation of special projects