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Who’s behind the wheel? The role of social and media news in driving the stock–bond correlationAlomari, M., Al Rababa’a, A. R., El-Nader, G., & Alkhataybeh, A. Review of Quantitative Finance and Acccounting 57, 959-1007Springer 2021
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Examining the Effects of News and Media Sentiments on Volatility and Correlation: Evidence from the UK. Alomari, M., Al Rababa’a, A. R., El-Nader, G., Alkhataybeh, A., and Rehman, M. U.The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance82, 280-297elsevier2021
Does tracking the infectious diseases impact the gold, oil and US dollar returns and correlation? A quantile regression approach‏Al Rababa'a, A. R., Alomari, M., Mensi, W., Matar, A., and Saidat, Z.Resources Policy 74: 102311.elsevier2021
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