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Role of synthetic fibers in delaying steel corrosion cracks and improving bond with concreteRami Haddad and Ahmed AshteyatCanadian Journal of Civil Engineering
Utilization of White Cement Bypass Dust as Filler in Asphalt Concrete MixturesKhaled Z. Ramadan, and Ahmed M. AshteyatCanadian Journal of Civil EngineeringVolume 36. No.2. pp:191-195
Repair of heat-damaged reinforced concrete slabs using fibrous composite materialsRami Haddad, N. AL-Mekhlafy, A. M. AshteyatConstruction and Building MaterialsVolume 25, No. 3, pp: 1213-1221
Properties of Portland Cement Mortar Incorporating White Cement By-Pass DustAhmed M. Ashteyat, Khaled Z. Ramadan and Rami H. Haddad, Abdalla QudahCanadian Journal of Civil Engineering38:(12) 1355-1362
Production of self-compacting concrete using Jordanian Oil Shale AsheAhmed M. Ashteyat, Rami H. Haddad, Mohammad M. YaminJordan Journal of Civil Engineering, (JJCE)Volume 12 Issue 2 Version 1.0 pp:33-37
Strength development models of concrete with silica fume as fine aggregate replacement materialAhmed M. Ashteyat, Muhanad Ismaiek and Khaled Z. RamadanGlobal Journal of Researches in Engineering, (GJRE)Volume 12 Issue 2 Version 1.0 pp:33-37
Stabilisation of fine-grained soils with saline waterMuhannad Ismeik, Ahmed M. Ashteyat & Khaled Z. RamadanEuropean Journal of Environmental and Civil EngineeringVolume 17, Issue 1, 2013, pages 32- 45
Prediction of mechanical properties of post-heated self-compacting concrete using non-destructive testsAhmed M. Ashteyat Rami H. Haddad, Muhanad Ismaiek European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineeringavailable online: 04 Oct 2013