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Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Digital Imaging System to Derive a 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Scarp RecognitionAl-Rawabdeh, A., He, F., Moussa, A., El-Sheimy, N., and Habib, A., Remote Sensing 8, no. 2: 95.MDPI2016
Spatial distribution and pollution assessment of trace metals in surface sediments of Ziqlab Reservoir, JordanAl-Taani, A., Batayneh, A., El-Radaideh, N., Ghrefat, H., Zumlot, T., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Al-Momani, T., and Taani, A., Environmental monitoring and assessment 187, no. 2: 1-142015
Modeling the Risk of Groundwater Contamination Using Modified DRASTIC and GIS in Amman-Zerqa Basin, JordanAl-Rawabdeh, A., Al-Ansari, N., Al-Taani, A., Al-Khateeb, F., & Knutsson, S.,World Applied Sciences JournalVolume, 15, Issue, 5, pp.264-2802014
GIS Applications for Building 3D Campus, Utilities and Implementation Mapping Aspects for University Planning PurposesAl-Rawabdeh, A., Al-Ansari, N., Attya, H., & Knutsson, S.,Journal of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureVolume, 8, Issue, 5, pp.19-282014
Assessing Site Selection of College Student Housing: Commuting Efficiency across TimeA Gharaibeh, A., J Zakzak, H., & Al-Rawabdeh, A., Jordan Journal of Civil EngineeringVolume, 8, Issue, 3, pp.282-302.2014
A GIS-Based DRASTIC Model for Assessing Aquifer Vulnerability in Amman-Zerqa Groundwater Basin, JordanAl-Rawabdeh, A., Al-Ansari, N., Al-Taani, A., Knutson, S.,Scientific Research, Engineering2013
Groundwater vulnerability assessment for the Corridor wellfield using DRASTIC and modified DRASTIC models: A case study of eastern JordanHamdan, I., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Al Hseinat, M. Open Journal of Geology2020
Two Inferred Antique earthquakes recorded in the Roman theatre of Beit-Ras /Capitolias (Jordan) Al-Tawalbeh, M., Jaradat, R., al-Bashaireh, K., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Gharaibeh, A., Khrisat, B., Kázmér, MSeismological Research Letters (SRL)Geoscience world2020
A GIS-EIP based Model for Mechanic Industrial Zone Site Selection in Al-Mafraq City, JordanAl-Rawabdeh, A., Hazaymeh, K., Nusiar, S., Shdaifat, R., Al Hseinat, MJordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences (JJEES)The Hashemite University2020
Evaluation of the Gulf of Aqaba coastal water, JordanAl-Taani, A.A.; Rashdan, M.; Nazzal, Y.; Howari, F.; Iqbal, J.; Al-Rawabdeh, A.; Al Bsoul, A.; Khashashneh, SWater12, 2125MDPI2020
Lake Elji and a geological perspective on the evolution of Petra, JordanAbu-Jaber, N., Khasawneh, S., Al Qudah, M., Hamarneh, C., Al-Rawabdeh, A., and Murray, APalaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology109904Elsevier2020
New Insight for Understanding the Structural Deformation Style of the Strike-Slip Regime along the Wadi Shueib and Amman-Hallabat Structures in Jordan Based on Remote Sensing Data AnalysisAl Hseinat, M., Al-Rawabdeh, A., AlZidaneen, M., Ghanem, H., Al-Taj. M., Diabat, A., Jarrar, G., Attalh, MGeosciences10, 253MDPI2020
Mobile LiDAR for Scalable Monitoring of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Smooth PanelsAl-Rawabdeh, A., Aldosari, M., Bullock, D., & Habib, AApplied Sciences10, 4480MDPI2020
Automated Feature-Based Down-Sampling Approaches for Fine Registration of Irregular Point CloudsAl-Rawabdeh, A., He, F., & Habib, A. Remote Sensing12(7), 1224MDPI2020
A Mobile LiDAR for Monitoring Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Textured Precast Concrete PanelsAldosari, M., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Bullock, D., & Habib, ARemote Sensing12(2), 306MDPI2020
Flow Variation of the Major Tributaries of Tigris River Due to Climate ChangeAbbas, N., Al-Ansari, N., Wasimi, S. and Al-Rawabdeh, AEngineering11, 437-442.Scientific Research2019
A Novel Coating Method for Create Filter Media Capable to Remove Phosphate from Wastewater EffectivelyAlzeyadi, A., Al-Ansari, N., Al-Rawabdeh, A. and Laue, JEngineering11, 443-463Scientific Research2019
A Combined PCA-SIs Classification Approach for Delineating Built-up Area from Remote Sensing DataHazaymeh, K., Mosleh, M., & Al-Rawabdeh, APFG–Journal of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science1-12Springer2019
Occurrence, distribution and ecological risk of trace metals and organic pollutants in surface sediments from a Southeastern European river (Someşu Mic River, Romania)Barhoumi, B., Beldean-Galea, S., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Roba, C., Martonos, M., Bălc, R., & Baciu, CScience of the Total Environment660, 660-676Elsevier2019
Landfill Final Cover Systems Design for Arid Areas Using the HELP Model: A Case Study in the Babylon Governorate, IraqChabuk, A., Al-Ansari, N., Alkaradaghi, K., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Laue, J., Hussain, H., & Knutsson, SSustainability10(12), 4568MDPI2018
A Regional Scale Photovoltaic Site Selection Based on Geospatial TechniquesHazaymeh, K., Zeitoun, M., Al-Rawabdeh, A., & Al-Sababhah, NJordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences9(1).The Hashemite University2018
Landscape Perception and Landscape Change for the City of Irbid, JordanGharaibeh, A., Jaradat, R., Okour, Y., & Al-Rawabdeh, AJournal Architecture & Planning29(1)King Saud University2017
Time Series UAV Image-Based Point • Clouds for Landslide Progression Evaluation ApplicationsAl-Rawabdeh, A., Moussa, A., Foroutan, M., El-Sheimy, N., & Habib, ASensors17(10), 2378MDPI2017