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Geoinformatics studies for designing and evaluation of an alternative Amman-Jerash Highway locationHaya Al-QuranApplied Geology Muheeb Awawadeh2010Not Published
Detecting Forest Cover Change In Northern Jordan Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite ImagerySarah Al-RqaibatNatural Resources and EnvironmentMohammed Rababeh2020Not Published
Investigation of the Structural Evolution of Central Jordan based on Integration of Reflection Seismic and Remote Sensing TechniquesMalek AlZidaneenApplied Geology Mu'yyad Hussinat2020Not Published
GIS-based Approach of Spatial Planning for Evaluating Site Suitability for Wind-Energy Site Potential in Jordan, Strategic Regional PlanningDeema Al-ShboulUrban PlanningAnne Ghraibeh2019Not Published