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A uniquely qualified Assistant Professor in Applied Geoinformatics with comprehensive experience in engaging learners in meaningful tasks that offer them real-world applicable knowledge which in turn adds value to the attainment of the students academic and career objectives. I hold a PhD in Digital Imaging Systems from the University of Calgary, including a Master of Water Resources and Environment qualification from Al al-Bayt University, amongst other qualifications which have been the foundation of my successful career. Throughout my career, I have participated in performing multidisciplinary applied research that addresses geomatics engineering problem solving utilizing innovative techniques, boasting the ability to develop low-cost strategies using UAVs to create 3D GIS models of a landside-prone terrain. I have a proven track record in overseeing the management of both nationally and internationally funded projects to efficiently contribute to archaeological prevention, restoration, as well as education.

I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of 21st-century engineers. My pedagogical aims are to incite excitement for our geological environment and earth mechanics and providing and guiding students in pursuing their learning goals. Through engaging learners in meaningful tasks that offer them real-world applicable knowledge, I hope to empower the learner to go beyond what they even thought was possible. As an educator, I encourage and support students not only in completing their in-class assignments, but I also help them in actively pursuing publication of their work. Through continuous feedback and meaningful questioning, I push students to extend their learning and explore their interests. One way that I encourage authentic research is by connecting students with problems existing in our local (municipal and national) community. I promote students to seek solutions to issues that are important to our local community. Jordan has a wealth of examples of geological formations and is unique in that the lifestyle and history has been dependent on tectonic shifts and natural rifts that continue to impact daily life. I implore students to explore these natural phenomena through meaningful task design which makes learning authentic and meaningful.

I believe that all students can be successful, and this can be achieved through meaningful task design, engaging problem-based learning, and continuous feedback and opportunities for additional support. Problem-based learning encourages students to develop critical thinking skills and gain a deeper understanding of concepts and technology/software to solve problems.

Successful research, post-education, and practical application involves a collaborative the atmosphere and therefore I believe it is important to build collaboration within lessons which can offer students networking opportunities, such as field trips with other specialists/professionals, that extend beyond the classroom. I push myself hard in creating meaningful research and it is my hope that this continuous dedication for excellence helps set a positive example for students as professionals and encourage them to exceed their own expectations for excellence.



Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh

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