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Multiple solutions for fractional di erential equations: Analytic approachA.K. Alomari, F. Awawdeh, N. Tahat, F. Bani Ahmad, W. Shatanawi,Applied Mathematics and Computation219, 8893-8903elsever2013
Multiple Solutions of Problems in Fluid Mechanics by Predictor Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic MethodA. K. Alomari, N. Ratib Anakira,  I. HashimAdvances in Mechanical Engineering2014 7Hindawi Publishing Corporation2014
New analytic solution for fractional chaotic dynamical systems using the di erential transform methodAlomar AKComputers and Mathematics with Applications61,2528--2534elsever2011
Multistage optimal homotopy asymptotic method for solving initial-value problemsN. R. Anakira, A. k. Alomari, A. F. Jameel, I. HashimJ. Nonlinear Sci. Appl.9 :1826–-18432016
A novel solution for fractional chaotic Chen systemA. K. AlomariJ. Nonlinear Sci. Appl.8, 478–4882015
On accuracy of numerical-analytical solution expression for hyperchaotic Rossler systemA. K. AlomariJ.Adv.Math.Stud.8, 185-1962015