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Power system quality
introduction to power quality, the importance of power quality, indices of power quality, calculation of main power quality problems, harmonics and their effect on power systems, voltage dip problems in distribution systems and methods of calculation.
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
power system design, EPE 566, Prerequest EPE360
Design concepts. Design of transmission lines which includes choice of voltage, conductor size, tower types and characteristics, mechanical loads, sag calculation and conductor configuration. substation design, busbar configuration and isulation design. Selection of ground wires. Design of power system grounding including objectives, soil resistivity and earth resistance and grounding rods. Design of grounding grid for substations. Transformer design, losses calculations. CTs and VTs.
Advanced Mathematics for Engineers EPE 601
complex functions, Fourier transform, Fourier series and integration, special functions (Gamma, Beta and Bessel function), Laplace, transforms and its application to ordinary differential equations in electrical enegineering, two sided Laplace transforms, Legendre transform, Legendre polynomials, algebraic topology and differential topology: Text Book: Erwin Kreyszic
Power system operation and control EPE 609
Power system control (Load frequency control, automatic generation control reactive power and voltage control), Introduction to optimization techniques, power system state estimation, contingency analysis, power system security, voltage stability
The suggested text book is "Power system operation and control" by N.V. Ramana or "Electric power systems" Weedy B.M. 5th edition or Electric power system stability and control, by Grigsby, third edition
power system stability
EPE 637 Advanced Digital Protection
Mathematical basis of numerical techniques and relay algorithms, basic elements of digital protection, fundamental of algorithmic forms of line protection, fundamentals of travelling-wave techniques and their application to transmission lines, digital differential protection of transformers and transmission lines
EPE 647 Power System Protection
Basic relay types and characteristics (solid state, logic circuits, integrated circuits, microprocessor based relays). Instrument transformers (effect of dc components and estimation of CT performance). CCVT. Generator protection( Stator ground fault, overspeed, loss of excitation, generator motoring, inadvent energization). motor protection (phase rotation, negative sequence, phase unbalance, load loss and loss of excitation). Differential protection of G-T units, reactor protection, shunt capacitor protection, station bus protection, line protection, out of step relaying, reclosing and synchronizing, load shedding and frequency relaying. Digital and numerical protection. Protection development with introduction of renewable energy