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CMOS Technology for IC Biosensor and Applications, Multi-Labs-On-Single-Chip, (MLoC)PublishedAbdullah Tashtoush ISBN-13: 978-1483646015, ISBN-10: 1483646017, pp. 294, Xlibris Corporation , Bloomington, Indiana, USA. June 6, 2013First Ed
“Micro-Nanotechnology Process Vol. I, “CMOS Technology Process from A to Z”Not PublishedAbdullah Tashtoush TBP20191
“Micro-Nanotechnology Process Vol. II, “Integrated Circuits Principles & Theory Advance Issues”Not PublishedAbdullah TashtoushTBP20191
“Biomedical Transducers, Optical Spectroscopy, Vol. 1”Not PublishedAbdullah Tashtoush20192
Biomedical Transducers, Ultrasounds Spectroscopy, Vol. IINot PublishedAbdullah Tashtoush20191
Biomedical Transducers, Electrochemical Spectroscopy, Vol. IIINot PublishedAbdullah Tashtoush20191