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BME 568 BioMEMS,        Prerequisite: BME 460, (3 Cr. Hrs.)


introduction to micromachining processes used to construct MEMS. Coverage of many lithographic, deposition, and etching processes, as well as their combination in process integration. Materials issues such as chemical resistance, corrosion, mechanical properties, and residual/intrinsic stress. Introduction to MEMS design. Design methods, design rules, sensing and actuation mechanisms, microsensors, and microactuators. Designing MEMS to be produced with both foundry and nonfoundry processes. Computer-aided design for MEMS. Micro- and nanosystems used in advanced analytical techniques for microfluidic devices, implantable chips, noninvasive biomedical sensors, DNA chips and microelectronic array systems. Microelectronic processing design for micromaching and piezoelectric materials for  biomedicalapplications. Biomedical sensors and actuators. BioMEMS  active ultrasonic transducers for medical imaging,  for micro-valves and for implantable  medication delivery systems are studied.

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