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Analysis of Skeletal Remains fron Buena Vista - Perú in Appendix II: Informe Preliminario de Proyecto Buena Vista/Quipa, Perú, edited by Robert A. Benfer, Jr., Instituto Nacionàl de Cultura, Lima, Perú. (In Spanish). Ahmad Y. Abu Dalou2003
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Rapid Changes in Head Dimensions among two Homogenous Populations: A Study in Physical AnthropologyAl-Shiyab, A.H., and Abu Dalou, A.Y.Abhath Al-Yarmouk, Humanities and Social Sciences Series 26 (4): 993-1001Deanship of Scientific Research-Yarmouk University2010
Thirty Years of the Department of Anthropology at Yarmouk University, Jordan (1984-2014): The Overview of Bioarchaeological ResearchAbu Dalou, A.Y., Alrousan, M.F, Khwelih, A., Sekhaneh, W., and Alsboul, A.Q.Bioarchaeology of the Near East8: 109 - 1182014
Burial habits of Human Skeletal Remains in Jars from Archaeological Site of Sahab: Jordan: A Bioarchaeological and Conservation StudyAbu Dalou, A.Y., Elserogy, A., and Ibrahim, M.Proceedings of the First International Conference"Egypt and Mediyerranean Countries Through Ages3: 7-192014
الاثار البيولوجية والصحية السلبية لزواج الاقارب في سمال الاردن: دراسة وصفيةابودلو, احمد يوسف و الشبول , ايمن قاسم والروسان, محمد فوازمجلة شؤون اجتماعية128: 9-38جمعية الاجتماعيين2015
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Prevalence and Factors Associated with the Occurrence of Preterm Birth in Irbid Governorate of Jordan: A Retrospective StudyMohmmad, K.I., Abu Dalou, A.Y., Kassab, M., Gramble, J., and Creedy, D.KInternational Journal of Nursing Practice21:505-5102015
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