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AttachmentA Study of Monotone Separation Axioms Darweesh , AmerTopology2010Published
AttachmentA Study of Some Properly Heredirary Topological ProprtiesJaradat , AliTopology-2007Published
AttachmentA Study of Star Covering SpacesRawshdeh , EmanTopology-2010Published
AttachmentContractions and Error Estimates Approximating Their Fixed PointsShatnawi , MutazTopology-2011Published
AttachmentError Estimates for Approximating Fixed Points for Some Types of ContractionsZytoon , AhmedTopology-2011Published
AttachmentError Estimates for Approximating Fixed Points in Generalized Metric SpacesRababah , Bara'Topology-2012Published
AttachmentEstimating the Errors of Fixed PointAtrooz, WaseemTopology-2010Published
AttachmentOn Cleavability and Cleavability OverAbu Shaheen , FuadTopology-2009Published
AttachmentOn spaces with dispersion pointsAl Bsoul , AdnanTopology-1989Published
AttachmentSome Classes of Star Covering SpacesWeldali , FatemaTopology-2015Published
AttachmentSome Kinds of Paracompact Spaces and Metrization Concerning Properly Hereditary PropertyAl-Odat , OmarTopology-2012Published
AttachmentSpaces having n-Dispersion setsKasasbeh , AyatTopology-2011Published