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Data security based on cryptography and steganographyT. Aburashed Published
 Modeling and optimization of Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell Micro gas turbine (SOFC-GT) Hybrid System for Automotive Applications.A. Malkawi,Published
 Modeling Artificial Intelligent Lower Limb to Rehabilitate Swing Phase Disabilities in Human Gait CycleK. GhariebehPublished
 ECG Arrhythmias classification using Nonlinear Dynamic Features: Phase Space ApproachA. QassaiemehPublished
 Wavelet Based Classification Approach for EEG DiagnosisM. ObeidatPublished
 Modeling and control design of a pre-designed radial gas turbine driving a high speed generatorK. HatamlehPublished
 Removable   Data Embedding Using Histogram shifting.M. YaserPublished
 Hardware & Software Implementation for Image Watermarking SchemeM. Al YammanPublished
 An Automated Intelligent System to Assess Lung Cancer Using Advanced Image Processing TechniquesE. JabberPublished
 ECG Diagnostic Tools Using High Order Spectrum Analyses TechniqueO. AlSaiedPublished