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Screening of Jordanian Aegilops species under drought and salinity.Project No. 4/2011 Jan 2011- Jan-2013The deanship of Scientific Research at Yarmouk UniversityAmal Harb, Jamil Lahham, Ahmad AlOqlah, Wesam Al Kahteeb
د.ا.‏ 16,000.00
Development of Drought Tolerant Wheat Transgenic Lines by the Overexpression of Drought Responsive Transcription Factors from the Model Plant Arabidopsis.  Project Bas /1/01/2011 Nov 2011 - Nov 2014 Scientific Research Support Fund, Amman/JordanNezar Samarah, Plant Production, JUST/ Irbid
د.ا.‏ 118,287.00
The effect of exposure of lentil seeds to stationary magnetic field on seed germination and growth. Number (12/2014) 13/4/2014Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Yarmouk University. Amal Harb  and Ibrahim Abu Aljarayesh
د.ا.‏ 17,670.00
Identification of drought responsive genes in drought tolerant and sensitive lentil genotypes by cDNA suppression subtractive hybridization (cDNA-SSH)  (Agr/1/20/2015)13/10/2016Scientific Research Support Fund, Amman/JordanAyed Mrief Al Abdallat
د.ا.‏ 57,993.00
Comparative analysis of cellulose and lignin in selected Jordanian desert plant species. Number (44/2018). Feb 2018Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Yarmouk UniversityHarb A, Lahham J
د.ا.‏ 6,000.00