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Plant Anatomy B221


Plant anatomy is situated between the study of plant morphology and cell biology. The focus of this course is to link plant’s structure to its function. In this course, each type of the fundamental plant tissues, its function, its characteristics, and location will be studied. The dermal tissue: epidermis organization, cell types, function, and trichome types also will be studied. In addition, the vascular tissues (xylem, phloem), vascular cambium, and the periderm will be studied. Then, the anatomy of different plant organs will be discussed.  The practical part of this course will help students to develop skills in preparation of wet mounts from different plant parts and skills in the proper use of the light compound microscope. Moreover, students will develop skills in scientific drawings of plant tissues and the anatomy of the different plant organs.

Academic Year

2020/2021, 2021/2022


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