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Inference on Downton’s bivariate exponential distribution based on moving extreme ranked set samplingHanandeh, A. A., Al-Saleh, M. F.Austrian Journal of Statistics42 (3), 161-179
AttachmentEstimation of the Parameters of Downton's Bivariate Exponential Distribution Using Moving Extreme Ranked Set SamplingHanandeh, A. A.Master Thesis
AttachmentNonstationary Nearest Neighbors Gaussian Process ModelsHanandeh, A. A.Ph.D. Thesis
Computationally efficient nonstationary nearest neighbor Gaussian process models using data-driven techniquesKonomi, B. A., Hanandeh, A. A., Ma, P., and Kang, E. L. Environmetrics30 (8)
IMPROVED SHEWHART CONTROL CHART USING MINIMAX RANKED SET SAMPLINGHanandeh, A. A., Al-Nasser, A. D.Investigacion Operacional41 (7), 923-934
New Distribution for Fitting Discrete Data: The Poisson-Gold Distribution and Its Statistical PropertiesHanandeh, A. A., Al-Nasser, A. D.Austrian Journal of Statistics50(4), 19-35
MODIFIED MINIMAX RANKED SET SAMPLINGHanandeh, A. A., Al-Nasser, A. D.Pakistan Journal of Statistics37(2), 159-177
A New One-term Approximation to the Standard Normal DistributionHanandeh, A. A, Eidous, O. M.Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research 17(2), 381-385
Estimation based on Ranked Set Sampling for Farlie– Gumbel–Morgenstern Bivariate Weibull Distribution ParametersHanandeh, A. A., Al-Omari, A. I.submitted
New Mixed Ranked Set Sampling VariationsHanandeh, A. A., Al-Nasser, A. D. and Al-Omari, A. I.Stat
Estimation of a parameter of Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Bivariate Bilal Distribution by Ranked Set Sampling.Irshad, M. R., Maya, R., Arun, S. P., Hanandeh, A. A., & Al-Omari, A. I.submitted
Some improvements for existing simple Approximations of the Normal Distribution FunctionHanandeh, A. A., Eidous, O. M.Accepted 2022
New double stage ranked set sampling for estimating the population meanAhmad A Hanandeh, Amjad D Al-Nasser and Amer I Al-OmariElectronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis15 (2), 485-5002022
Stochastic Generator of a New Family of Lifetime Distributions with IllustrationAmjad D Al-Nasser, Ahmad A Hanandehsubmitted2022
The prevalence and severity of dyspepsia in Jordan Uviversity of Science and Technology studentsOthman Beni Yonis, Yaqen Bany Issa and Ahmad A. Hanandeh