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State of the art of user packaging interaction (UPI)Mumani, A., & Stone, R.Packaging Technology and Science31 (6), 401-419Wiley2018
The effect of scanning technology and UPC placement on supermarket self‐checkoutMumani, A., Stone, R., & Wang, Z.Packaging Technology and Science31 (2), 83-96Wiley2018
Improving Employees' Safety Awareness in Healthcare Organizations Using the DMAIC Quality Improvement ApproachMomani, A., & Mumani, AJournal for Healthcare Quality39(1), 54-632016
Application of the Analytic Network Process to Facility Layout SelectionTarek Al-Hawari, Ahmad Mumani, Amer MomaniJournal of Manufacturing Systems33.4 : 488-497Elsevier 2014
A proposed integrated model of lean assessment and analytical hierarchy process for a dynamic road map of lean implementationAlmomani, M. A., Abdelhadi, A., Mumani, A., Momani, A., & Aladeemy, MThe International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology72(1-4), 161-172Springer2014
A proposed approach for setup time reduction through integrating conventional SMED method with multiple criteria decision-making techniquesMohamed Ali Almomani, Mohammed Aladeemy, Abdelhakim Abdelhadi, Ahmad MumaniComputers & Industrial EngineeringVolume 66, Issue 2, Pages 461–469Elsevier 2013
Impact of Assignment, Inventory Policies and Demand Patterns on Supply Chain PerformanceAl-Hawari, T., Ahmed, A., Khrais. S., Mumani, A.International Journal of Simulation Modelling12, 3,164-1772013
Improving the efficiency of an emergency department by managing bottleneck capacitiesAl-Hawari, T., Al-Araidah, O., Mithkal, M., Khanfar, A. and Mumani, A.Int. J. Modelling in Operations Management31 (6), 401-4192013
Development of a genetic algorithm for multi-objective assembly line balancing using multiple assignment approachTarek Al-Hawari, Marwan Ali, Omar Al-Araidah, Ahmad Abdelhafiz MumaniInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing TechnologySpringer2014
Decision making process in lean assessment and implementation: a review.Mumani, A. A., Magableh, G. M., & Mistarihi, M. Z. Management Review QuarterlySpringer Nature2021
An application of Monte-Carlo simulation to RULA and REBA. Mumani, A., Stone, R. T., & Momani, A. M. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics ScienceTylor and Francisc2021
An integrated ANP-ELECTRE III  decision model applied to eco-friendly car selection.Mumani, A. A., Magableh, G. MJournal of Engineering research. Accepted2021
An ergonomics-driven QFD model to improve medical laboratory staff and patient satisfaction. Momani, A. M., Al-Shaikh, T., Mumani, A. A., & Al-AraidahTheoretical Issues in Ergonomics ScienceTaylor and Francisc2021
A Simulation-Based Framework for Evaluation of Healthcare Systems with Interacting Factors and Correlated Performance MeasuresAl-Hawari, T., Khanfar, A., Mumani, A., & Bataineh, OArabian Journal for Science and EngineeringSpringer Nature
A Simulation-Based-MCDM Approach For Evaluating Traffic SolutionsMagableh, G. M., Mumani, A. AJournal Promet - Traffic & TransportationAccepted2021
An integration of a QFD model with Fuzzy-ANP approach for determining the importance weights for engineering characteristics of the proposed wheelchair design. Mistarihi, M. Z., Okour, R. A., & Mumani, A. A. Applied Soft computing Elsevier2020
The interaction between physical and psychosocial stressorsAbdelall, E. S., Eagle, Z., Finseth, T., Mumani, A. A., Wang, Z., Dorneich, M. C., & Stone, R. T. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience2020