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Jordan contributions to the human civilization, arch 100
the course aims to shed light on the main contributions of Jordan to the humanity from ca. 1000000 year up to end of middle Islamic period
since 2010
Introduction to applied sciences in archaeology, arch 140
introduces the relationship between the nature sciences and archaeology, and how the theories techniques of theses sciences can help in studying physical human remains
since 2010
The archaeological pottery, glass and metals, Arch 141
raw materials and manufacturing technology of archaeological pottery, glass and metals are the main subjects discussed here 
since 2010
Scientific analytical methods in archaeology, Arch 340
this course focus on the chemical, mineralogical, and thermal analysis that used in studying archaeological materials. the techniques used discussed in details.
since 2010
Chronology and dating methods in archaeology, Arch 440
Relative and absolute dating methods are discussed here. focus on the most used methods in archaeology; stratigraphy, typology, 14C, tree ring, Thermoluminescence, and others
since 2010
Mineralogy, Geo 220
introduction to crystallography, classification of minerals, X-ray diffraction, selected minerals with labratory work.
Pottery: raw materials and manufacturing technology, arch 694
Advance course including the clay types, chemistry, mineralogy, structure and geneses. the thermal reaction of clay with the non-plastic inclusions. methods of pottery analysis, technology, provenance and characterization.
Ancient technologies in archaeology, Arch 240
deals with the raw materials and manufacture technology of different types of ancient tools.
Applied sciences in archaeology
advance course in archaeometry: analyses of archaeological materials, ancient technologies, dating in archaeology... ect.