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Chair-A New Hemodialysis Monitoring System for Patients with Kidney FailureFandi Shtayat 2012Published
Committee member-Comparative Study between Improved Linear and Improved Switching Mode Power Supplies: An Experimental ApproachMohammad Oqlah Alsumady2010Published
Committee member- Statistical Performance of a Wireless Sensor Network for Medial ApplicationsWalid Omar Ahmed Shakhatreh2011Published
Committee member- Adaptive Digital Predistortion of Power Amplifiers Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)Fadi Habes Fares Abu-Dalo2011Published
Committee member- Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation in Distribution System Using Multiobjectives OptimizationSami Salim Zwatten2011Published
Committee member- Verification of the Feed-Forward Control for a piezoelectric Actuator Using Differential FlatnessJomah Mohammad Alzoubi2012Published
Committee member-State Estimation of Pwer System Including Unified Power Flow Controller and Inter Line Power Flow ControllerZakaria Abdallah AL-Qudah2014Published
Committee member- Forward Vehicle Collision Mitigation by Braking System Using Artificial Bee ColonyZakaria Qais Mohammed Yousef2014Published
Committee member- New Approach for Carbon Nano Tube Field Effect Transistor ModelingAtheer Mahmoud Al-Shaggah2015Published