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• Level of Effectiveness of Administrative Development and Its Obstacles at the Centers of Jordanian Ministries from Employees' PerspectiveEnas Mohammoud Al JamalPublic Administration2013Not Published
Job Empowerment and Its Impact on Administrative Innovation as Perceived by Employees at Oman Telecommunication CompanySalim bin Saeid Al- MasoudiBusiness Administration2013Not Published
• Organizational Justice :Its Relationship and Impact on Organizational Loyalty in Textile Companies in the Governorate  of Aleppo in Syria From Employees’ PerspectiveFaroukh Ibrahem AlakrabBusiness Administration2011Not Published
• Organizational Citizenship Behavior :Its Relationship and Impact On Managerial Innovation Practice as Perceived by Employees at the Centers of the Jordanian MinistriesAbeer Ahmad MaghairahPublic Administration2011Not Published
• Functional Overlapping of Control Agencies and its Impact on Employees' Performance of the Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing: A Field Study From Employees' PerspectiveMajid Mohammed Saeed JaberPublic Administration2010Not Published
• Organizational Citizenship Behavior :Its Relationship and Impact On Performance Orientation of Jordanian Telecommunication Companies from Employees’ PerspectiveMina ChehriBusiness Administration2010Published
• The Impact of Organizational Justice on Psychological Burnout(the case of Private Jordanian Hospitals) Sufian AnwaflehBusiness Administration2010Not Published
• Effectiveness of Training Programs Implemented by the Jordanian National Institute of Training: A field Study From Trainee's PerspectiveIslam rabeaPublic Administration2010Not Published
Level of Clarity and Practice of Strategic Planning by Directors in the Ministry of Education in Sultanate of OmanAhmad AlsarhanyPublic Administration2010Not Published
Level of  Effectiveness of Human Resources Management in the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia From the Perspective of Administrative Leaders in the Ministry. Ayieth Al-ghamedyEducation2009Not Published
• Level of Performance Orientation of Employees in the Jordanian Banks: The Employees Perspective,Husssien Mohammad aaAl-DmourPublic Administration2005Not Published
• The Extent of Harmony Between Bureaucratic and Social Values and its Impact on Job Performance :The Perspective of Employees in the Jordanian MinistriesEman Abd-Al-Kareem MaitaPublic Administration2005Not Published
• Reflections of Privatization on some Administrative Aspects in the Arab Potash and Jordanian Cement Factories  Companies: The Employees' PerspectiveEnad GaralehPublic Administration2005Not Published
• Effectiveness of Administrative Development in JordanHashem Al.MaslamanyPublic Administration1999Not Published