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High Efficiency Photovoltaic Source Simulator with Fast Response Time for Solar Power Conditioning Systems EvaluationAhmed Koran ; Thomas LaBella; Jih-Sheng Lai IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,VOL. 29, NO. 3, PP. 1285-1297IEEE2014
An Active Current Reconstruction and Balancing Strategy With DC-Link Current Sensing for a Multi-Phase Coupled-Inductor ConverterYounghoon Cho ; Ahmed Koran; Miwa, H. ; Ben York; Jih-Sheng LaiIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,VOL. 27, NO. 4, PP. 1697-1705IEEE2012
Design of a Photovoltaic Simulator With a Novel Reference Signal Generator and Two-Stage LC Output FilterAhmed Koran; Sano, K. ; Rae-young Kim ; Jih-Sheng LaiIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,VOL. 25, NO. 5, PP. 1331-1338IEEE2010
Analysis and Design of Maximum Power Point Tracking Scheme for Thermoelectric Battery Energy Storage SystemRae-young Kim ; Jih-Sheng Lai ; York, B. ; Ahmed Koran IEEE Transactions on Industrial ElectronicsVOL. 56, NO. 9, PP. 3709-3716IEEE2009
Online Optimal Switching Frequency Selection for Grid-Connected Voltage Source InvertersS. Albatran, I. A. Smadi, H. J. Ahmad, and Ahmed KoranElectronicsVOL. 6, NO. 4, PP. 110MDPI2017
Optimal design of passive RC-damped LCL filter for grid-connected voltage source invertersS. Albatran, Ahmed Koran, I. Smadi, and H. AhmadElectrical EngineeringVOL. 100, NO. 4, PP. 2499-2508 Springer2018
Analytical Factorized Model for Stability Analysis and Optimization of Shunt RC Damped LCL Filter for Grid-Connected Voltage Source InvertersAhmed Koran, Saher Albatran, Jih-Sheng LaiIEEE Transactions on Power ElectronicsVOL. 35, NO. 7, PP. 6830-6841IEEE2019
Adaptive Frequency Control of a Sensorless-Receiver Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System Based on Mixed-Compensation TopologyAhmed Koran, Khaled BadranIEEE Transactions on Power ElectronicsVOL 36, NO 1, PP. 978-990IEEE2020
Adaptive Switching Frequency Selection Based on Two-Step Efficiency Optimization for Grid-Connected InvertersAhmed Koran, Saher Albatran, Doaa AlshormanIEEE AccessVOL 9, PP. 151741-151752IEEE2021