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Nano-researcher working on the interface of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine. My research focuses on the synthesis, processing, and characterization of novel natural and synthetic-based nanomaterials, including magnetic nanoparticles, virus nanomaterials, nanotubes, self-assembled nanomaterials. Moreover, multifunctional highly ordered nanostructures are also developed and investigated for their implementation as imaging tools (MRI, CT, and PET), drug delivery, drug targeting, and inflammation:

1. Developing an innovative solution for drug delivery to diseased cells with high precision and selectivity and aims to understand the mechanistic approaches of nanomaterials' interaction with the immune system.

2. Explore the biomolecular mechanism of natural inflammatory and cancer compounds.

3. Develop new oral personalized delivery nanotechnologies

4. Active research in controlling gene expression in reaction to inflammatory tissue/tumor hypoxic conditions and altering transcriptional regulation mechanisms underlying inflammation induction.