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Welcome to Aljabali Lab

The Spectacular Science of the Very Tiny



Aljabali's Lab mission is to develop new cutting-edge technologies in the wonderful and awesome world of nanotechnology. My research interest falls within the boundaries of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, and material science.

We are working on the development of clinically viable novel and new molecular imaging agents, biodegradable and biocompatible drug delivery vehicles. In addition, the research lab works on the development of biosensing devices for various applications.




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Image result for Monitoring the Disassembly of Virus-like Particles by 19F-NMR 

       Image result for Chapter 2 - Nature’s nanoparticles: using viruses as nanomedicines and for bioimaging 

Figure 1. Schematic of the conjugation method for preparation of (A) CPMV-DOX and (B) CPMV-SS-DOX. (C) Photograph of aqueous suspensions of wild-type CPMV (left) and CPMV-DOX (right).                Pharmaceutical nanotechnology.jpg



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