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Research Title
Changing Notions of Citizenship in the Middle-East.Sweden-Turkey2012
Citizenship vis-à-vis Primordial Ties:
The particularity of the Jordanian Context
Abdel Hakim Al HusbanPresentation
The sociology of the book market in the Arab WorldLebanon2012
Le Marché du Livre en Jordanie
Scientific paper to be published in a book
The International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan ICHAJ. Paris. France2010
The particularity of the Socio-Cultural Dynamics of the Evolution of Amman City.
Agents of Change in the Euro-Mediterranean Space: Politics and Social Transformation from a Local PerspectivBerlin-Germany2010
The Local Politics of Tribe in Jordan.
Promotion, Publications, and Ranking Systems in Arab Universities.Lebanon2010
The promotion system in the Jordanian universities: a tool for modernization or producing traditional social hierarchies.
2003 The first Regional Conference Euro-Mediterranean. Traditional Mediterranean Architecture: Present and futureSpain2007
The reconstruction of the socio-economic history of an abandoned mediterranean village.
2005 The state of science and innovation in the Arab World. Institute of Islamic StudiesParis-France2005
The state of science and innovation in Jordan: The case of social sciences
International Festival of GeographyFrance2004
Tribe and State in Jordan
International Conference on Science and Technology in ArchaeologyJordan2004
School Curriculum and Social Discourse on Cultural heritage in Jordan
Round table on Tourism and DevelopmentParis-France
Cultural heritage and Tourism in Jordan. The policies and Politics.
Space and Power in the Mediterranean Cities. Espaces et pouvoirs dans les villes méditerranéennesLebanon2003
The role of municipalities in Power networks in Jordan.
Seventh International Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage.  Yamouk University-Irbid-Jordan
Social discourse on Cultural heritage and school curriculum.