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Research Title
International Congress of Trans-Jordan in the 12th and 13th Centuries and the ‘Frontiers’ of Medieval MediterraneanItaly2008
Biological Consequences of Migration as Evidenced by Skeletons from the Twelfth Century Frankish Castellum Vallis Moysis, Jordan (Al-Wu’ayra).
Jerome C. Rose and Ali M.Khwaileh
The 74th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical AnthropologistsUSA2004
Stature at the Site of Hierakonpolis Compared with Earlier and Later Sites
Ali M.Khwaileh
International Conference of Crusader ArchaeologyUSA2003
The Skeletons from Al-Wu’ayra Castle: A Crusader Site near Petra.
Ali M.Khwaileh and Jerome C. Rose
Maintaining Water Quality in a Changing Environment Seminar: Annual Conference of the Arkansas Water Resources CenterUSA2002
Design of an Early Warning and Predictive Water Monitoring System for Municipalities Utilizing Water from Submerged Coalmines
Varnell, C. J., Brahana, J. Van, and Khwaileh, A. M.