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Biological Consequences of Migration as Evidenced by Skeletons from the Twelfth Century Frankish Castellum Vallis Moysis, Jordan (Al-Wu’ayra).  Jerome C. Rose and Ali M. KhwailehLa Transgiordania nei secoli XII-XIII e le “frontiere” del Mediterraneo medievale, aV acnunrain di iG G.,. NVauncnciontit ei MM.. (Na uccucriao dttii)S2386:177-180Archaeopress Publishers of BِAR Gordon House2011
FTIR Analysis of Human Bone Biostructure from Middle Bronze Age and Byzantine Period in Northern JordanKhwaileh, A., Al-Shorman1, A., Al Sekhaneh, W. and Rose, J.Romanian Journal of Materials43(3): 39- 44 2018
Burial Practices in Jordan from the Natufians to the PersiansAl-Shorman, A. and Khwaileh, A. Estonian Journal of Archaeology 15(2): 88-1082011
Bioarchaeology, Conservation and Display of a 16K-Human Skeleton, JordanAbu Dalou, A., ElSerogy, A., Al-Shorman, A., Alrousan, M., and Khwaileh, A.Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry17(1): 251-263 2017
A Case of Multiple Myeloma and Congenital Anomalies of an Early Islamic Skeleton from Tell Abu Al-Kharaz, JordanKhwaileh, A. Anthropologie: International Journal of Human Diversity and Evolution8: 317-3232016
Rate of Enamel Formation and Hypoplasia TimingAl-Shorman, A., Alrousan, M., and Khwaileh, A.International Association for Paleodontology 8(1): 203-2082014
Thirty Years of the Department of Anthropology at Yarmouk University, Jordan (1984-2014): The Overview of Bioarchaeological ResearchAbu Dalou, A., Alrousan, M., Khwaileh, A., Sekhaneh, W., and AlShboul, ABioarchaeology of the Near East 8(1):109-1182014