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Quality Assurance Committee
A member in the Quality Assurance Committee. Following up all issues related to ABET accreditation.
Supervising the ASEE Student Chanpter at YU
This student chapter is one of the non-profit student chapters of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in the Hijjawi College of Engineering Technology at Yarmouk University (Jordan). The student branch was established in 2020 to be the first branch accredited outside the borders of the United States of America and the only branch in the Middle East and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We aim to educate high school students about the various engineering disciplines and link them with global technological progress and the local, regional and international labor market. Also, spread the awareness of various engineering disciplines at the undergraduate level about the importance of engineering education based on outcomes assessment, developing their personal and engineering skills, and encouraging them to move towards higher studies (master’s and doctoral stages). Moreover, enlightening different engineering disciplines at the master’s level about the importance of scientific research, developing their research skills, and the best ways to write a CV, communicating with supervisors of doctoral programs in prestigious universities, and encouraging them to move forward towards graduate studies. Furthermore, spreading the culture of engineering education among faculty members and college staff by holding specialized courses concerned with promoting the principles of total quality of academic work in all its aspects.

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Assistant Dean (Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology)
Served as the Assistant Dean (Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology) 2020/2021.
Key Achievements:
(1) Developed new study plans for all programs at the faculty.
(2) Obtained local accreditation for all programs at the faculty.
(3) Worked towards obtaining ABET accreditation for selected programs at the faculty.
(4) Helped in writing the strategic plan for the faculty.
Chairman, Civil Engineering Department
Served as the chairman of the Civil Engineering Department (Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology) in 2021.
Academic Advisor of the Smart Mobility Incubator
Supervising the activities of the Smart Mobility Training Incubator - USA located at the Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology. The development of smart mobility is significant for the future of smart transportation and for developing modern and specialized training programs to familiarize engineering students with the latest technologies and technological tools related to smart mobility.