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AttachmentMachine learning models for predicting the residual value of heavy construction equipment: An evaluation of modified decision tree, LightGBM, and XGBoost regressionAli Shehadeh, Odey Alshboul, Rabia Emhamed Al Mamlook, Ola HamedatAutomation in Construction Volume 129Elsevier2021
Multi-Objective Optimization for Construction Equipment Fleet Selection and Management In Highway Construction Projects Based on Time, Cost, and Quality ObjectivesAli ShehadehUCF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.68122019
Development of integrated asset management model for highway facilities based on risk Odey Alshboul, Ali Shehadeh, Ola HamedatInternational Journal of Construction ManagementTaylor & Francis2021
Deep and Machine Learning Approaches for Forecasting the Residual Value of Heavy Construction Equipment: A Management Decision Support ModelEngineering, Construction and Architectural ManagementEmerald2021
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