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CE 200 Engineering Drawing
This course is designed to expose the students to the basic understanding of technical and engineering drawings. It will cover the aspect of understanding and interpretation of the element of drawings.  The concept of orthographic and isometric projection will be discussed and applied in the hands-on session with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD). Students will also be exposed to the civil works drawings, i.e. the earthworks, reinforced concrete detailing and structural steel detailing drawings. Several exercises are performed with the use of CAD to get the students acquaintance of the software. During this session, students will be asked to draw and submit group projects that are given to them. After completing this course students should be able to produce civil engineering drawings using CAD.
First Semester 2016 - 2017
CE 201 Engineering Mechanics: Statics
The course is designed to expose the students to the basic principles of statics. The content of the lecture will be emphasized on the application of the basic principle of mechanics used in civil engineering. Statics deals with equilibrium of bodies, i.e. bodies at rest and bodies moving with a constant velocity. It includes resultant and resolution of forces, equilibrium of a particle, force system resultant, equilibrium of rigid bodies, center of gravity and centroid, moment of inertia of an area. Analysis of trusses by method of joint and section, Friction, Determination of support reactions for a beam subjected to the distributed loads writing general equations for drawing shear and moment diagrams at various sections of the beam.
First Semester 2016 - 2017
CE 210 Probability and Statics for Engineers
This course covers the role of statistics in engineering, probability, discrete random variables and probability distributions, continuous random variables and probability distributions, joint probability distributions, random sampling and data description, point estimation of parameters, statistical intervals for a single sample, and tests of hypotheses for a single sample.
First Semester 2016/2017 - First and Summer Semesters 2020/2021
CE 354 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory
This laboratory course is designed to provide insight and experience into the fundamental principles taught in fluid mechanics and hydraulics courses. These principles include: Fluid properties: density, specific gravity, viscosity; fluid characteristics; continuity; conservation of energy; fluid behavior; center of pressure; pipe flow; open channel flow; and pump performance.
First Semester 2016 - 2017
CE 472 Quantity Surveying
This course is designed to enable students to read engineering plans, estimate quantities, and calculate costs for engineering projects. This course enhances the skills of writing technical engineering reports as well as reading and understanding structural plans. At the end of the course, the students should be able to estimate the quantities and costs for the major construction works including: excavations, concrete, reinforcements, wood, masonry, tiles, plastering, sanitary, and painting. The students will also be introduced to the principles of mechanical and electrical works in engineering projects. 
First Semester 2016 - 2017
CE 570 Consruction Project Managemnt (1)
This course aims to introduce the duties and the responsibilities of project managers, organization and management of engineering projects, network presentation and calculations, role of networks and bar-charts in project planning, monitoring and following up with projects, resources usage and cost control, resource leveling and allocation.
Summer and Second 2020/2021