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​​Computer Skills

Operating Systems:                        Windows 95/98/NT, Windows XP, Windows 7.

Computer Languages:                    C++, Visual Basic.

Scientific Applications:                  MATLAB/Simulink.

Technical Drawing:                         AutoCAD, Photoshop.

Office Applications:                        Microsoft PowerPoint, Access, Excel, Word.

Finite Element:                               ABAQUS, ANSYS

Database:                                          Microsoft Access.

Structural Analysis and Design:  PROKON, STAAD.Pro, PROSSAD, ETABS.

Water Networks Design:                EPANET (Developed by the American Protection Agency).

Highlights of Qualifications

·         Professional Engineer, through a combination of education, experience, and corresponding accomplishments, has demonstrated a high level of skill in specialized areas of Structural Engineering with a high level of skill in leadership.

·         Fluent in both Arabic and English speaking and writing.

·         Competitive and able to work under pressure.

·         Highly organized and detail-oriented.

·         Able to work within a team as well as an individual.

·         Presentable, hard worker, and interested to learn more.

·         Able to lead teams and organizing events.

·         Member of the Jordan Engineers Association JEA (25/2/2012).

·         Passing the TOEFL-ITP with a score of 590.

·         Passing the TOEFL-IBT with a score of 91 out of 120.

·         Passing the Quantitative General Revised Test GRE with a score of 161 out of 170.​