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the arab word world (co-author),a textbook for Secondary Vocational Schools,Published Ministry of Education. Amman,Jordanprof. AlKhawaldeh.Mohammad1975
the arab word world (co-author),a textbook for Secondary  Schools,Publishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.Mohammad Ministry of Education.  Oman Sultanate1982
Introduction of Education(co-author) a textbook for Community collegesPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.Mohammad Ministry of Education.  Oman Sultanate1984
The writing of two chapters entitled(Human Society) and the Basic Ingredients of Arab Society,upon an official requestPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadYarmok University President1982-1983
The translation of Microteaching PublishedGevin Riyan and Dwight Alien Co-Translation. Dar AlShurook- Jedda 1975 -  1985
The translation of Instructional DesignPublishedGerald E. Komp co-Translator. prof. AlKhawaldeh.MohammadDar alShurook1985
The translation of the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in the Affective DomainPublishedB.Bloon Co-tranlator- prof.Alkhawaldeh.Mohammad&Oudaa SadiekAlshurook-Jeddah1987
The translation of Preparing Criterionm Refrence Test foe class room InstructionPublishedNorman Cronland & othersIrbid1987
Popular games of Jordanian children and Education Significance there of in the Development of thier PersonalitiesPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadRafidi Press- Amman1987
 Popular games of Jordanian Children and Education Significance there of the Development.Kuwait Society for Arab Childhood DevelopmentPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.Mohammad Kuwait1989No.18
The translation of the Introduction to Philosophy of Education PublishedJ.D Ocenner Amman1992
General Teaching MethodsPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.Mohammad Co-Author Ministry of Education. Sanaa-Yemen1993
Psychology of playPublishedCo-AuthorMinistry of Education-Sanaa-Yemen1993
Characteristics of the children culturePublishedCo-AuthorMinistry of Education-Sanaa-Yemen1993
Introduction to Education a textbook for Community collegesPublished(co-author)Ministry of Education-Sanaa-Yemen1994
Primiry EducationPublished(co-author)Ministry of Education-Sanaa-Yemen1992
Education,Society and DevelopmentPublished(co-author)AlQuds Open University-Amman1993
Creative Curriculum, for Early Childhood EducationPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadDar AlMasera2003
Introduction in Education  Publishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadDar AlMasera2005
Popular Play, And its effect on the children personalities DevepmentPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadDar AlMasera - Amman2006
Building curriculum and disign TextbookPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadDar AlMasera - Amman2005
The translation of Teacher:Self EvaluationPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadEd.Reearch and Development Center-Yarmok University1987
The translation of the Essential learning for InstructionNot Published GagnE. Under.Publishing 1992
Contemparary Education ThoughtPublishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadDar AlMasera - Amman2013
Philosophies of Education (Tradetional Modern Contemporary)Publishedprof. Alkhawaldeh.MohammadDar AlMasera - Amman2013