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Religion as Marhematical model Journal or social studies,kuwait univ, special issue,1981   khawaldeh,mohammad and foura ,ali .journal of sociai studies,kuwait univ special issuekuwait university1981
a study of the relationship oe achievement result between general secondary certificat and their results on the univ levelkhawaldeh,mohammad,at alrisalet almual lem vol.3ministry of education 1980
motivation and instruction khawaldeh,mohammadrisalet al mu allemvol 3 no;2ministry of rducation1980
measurment of the degree of jordainian teacher,s relationship with the teaching profession, theif loyalties to it,and other influential factors in this regard  khawaldeh,mohammad, co-authordirasatvol.9,no;2jordan univeritydec ,1983
AComparison of        Acheievment results or school pupils in irbid educational district accordung to their controlling authority.khawaldeh,mohammad, co-authorAbhath Al yarmouk University Vo:1,No: 1Yourmouk Universiey1985
Toward Evaluation the goals ofCompulsary Education inJordanCo _Auther  Abhath Al_YarmoukVoi:1, No:2Yarmouk University1985
The Roll ooor Educational College un the Arab World Toward the Development of Preuniversity EducationKhawaldeh,Mohammad.Abu zaneh,FaredArab Joufnal for The HumanitiesVol: 6Kuwait University1986
Theoretical  and Analytical Studies in Mrtaphysicaland their Rol in Social Educatuonkhawaldeh,mohammad, co-authorMoslem Journal___Puplisher board1990
UheUnderstanding Oe Jordanian Youth of Their Legal and Ethical  Responsibility and the role of Education in thus regard khawaldeh,mohammad, Arab Journal for the HumanitiesVol: 7kuwait university1987
 Open University.,A Democratic Method And  anf Educational Innovarion for Promoting    Arab Educationkhawaldeh,mohammad, co-authorArab Union University JournalSpecial IssueArab Union Universities Journal ,Specual Issue N: 1Dec  19861987
The Altrenatives of the social Textbooks Required of the compulsory Stage in Jordan>Prof.Khawaleda MohammadYarmok UniversityNo.Ministry Of al Awqaf1985
The Altrenatives in the Academic concept of Islamc UniversityProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadHadi alIslam JornalMinistry Of al Awqaf1985
Understanding and Mastry Learning of the Instructional ObjectivesPrf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadEducational Development and Research Center & Egyptian Curricula and Instruction1987-1989
Instruction aims and Methods of Methods of teaching of Early Childhood Education in a Group of European countriesProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadEd.JornalEducational Development and Research Center 1987
Instructional Competencies Required for Teacher Compulsory EducationProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadEducational JornalEd. Faculty, Kuwait Univ.1990
Basic assumption in the design of the Structure of the arab family anh the Role of Education in this RegardProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadAfkar Jornal-JordanVol.861989
Comprative between the Concepts by Islamic Education Teachers of the sixth Elementary Class and how far thier students of this class Acquier the same concepts in the UNRWA Schools and schools of Irbid AreaProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadVol,26Rissalat Alkhalege1988
Gagne,and the outcome of learning Prof. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadEducational Jornalministry of education-UAE1988
Gagne,and  Concept of learning ProcessProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadN.5 Vol.29Rissalat AlMualim1988
The relation between the Age of School Student and The Number of Hour they spend in Watching T.V. program in JordanProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadEducational JornalNo.3Iswan UniversityMarch 1989
Health Education of Children by Mothers in Jordaian SocietyProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadJornal of Education ScienceMohammad AlKhamis Univ.Arribat1990
The Concept of Value of Human system between University Youths in Jordanian Society Prof. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadJornal of Human StudiesTunis University1990
The Concept of Thought and Language and thier Development MethodsProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadJornal of Islamic Studies IslamabadPakistan1990
Socialization of Childrenin Jordanian SocietyProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadHawliyet Alaadab,Saint Joseph,University1991
Differeces between Individualnd public Services with continuing Education FrameworkProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadKuwait University1988
Vision of Development of the arab higher Education System and the Role of the Open UniversitiesProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadJornal of the research center for Highr Education Damascus1990
The open University: Innovational System for Higher Education:Needs,Justifications,PractisingProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadAdministration of Arab Union University 1994
Practising by Adminiration of Yarmok University of Important performance competenciesfor thier dtanpointProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadThe Jornal of the Arab Union University1989
Practising by perfomance competencies for thier Academic DutiesProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadThe Jornal of the Arab Union Universities1990
ConceptsProf. Alkhawaldeh. MohammadJornal of Faculty of ArtsDamascus-University1991
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