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Effect of dust and sulfur content on the rate of wear of diesel enginesworking in the Jordan desert Al-Rousan A. AAlexandria Engineering JournalVol. 45 (5): 527-536ELSEVIER2006
Study on Improvement of Fuel Economy and Reduction Emission for a Gasoline Engines by Homogeneity Enhancement of the ChargeAl-Rousan, A. A., Al-Ajlouni, MAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences2(4): 1012-10202008
Influence of Oil-Mixtures and Engine Components Inversion on Wear rate of I.C EnginesAl-Rousan, A. A., Aljbury, S. AMu’tah Journal for Research & Studies (MJRS)Vol. 1 (25): 11-302010
Reduction of Fuel Consumption in Gasoline Engines by Introducing HHO Gas into Intake ManifoldAl-Rousan, A. A. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy  35 (23): 12930-12935ELSEVIER2010
Effect of HHO Gas on Combustion Emissions in Gasoline Engines. Musmar, S., Al-Rousan, A. A.Fuel Journal  Vol. 90 (10): 3066–3070ELSEVIER 2011
 Extracted Energy from Underground Rock Area by Using Horizontal Closed Loop System in Mutah University/Jordan Al-Dabbas, M., Al-Rousan A. A Energy Conversion and Management65: 744–750ELSEVIER2013