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Constructing Shyness Scale for University studentsNedal Al-shraifin & Ahmad Al-shraifinJournal of Association of Arab Universities Journal for Education and Psychology9 (4), 125 – 1612011
Effects of a Counseling Supervision Program Based on the Cognitive Model on Reducing Performance Anxiety among Counselor trainees in JordanAhmad AL-ShraifinJordan Journal of Educational Sciences (JJES)7 (3), 233 – 2512011
Constructing Brain-Gym Based Counseling Program and investigating its Effect to Reduce level of ADHDAdnan Farah & Ahmad AL-ShraifinJournal of Humanities and Social Studies67  (145), 1 – 472012
Standardization of the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised Instrument for the Jordanian EnvironmentNedal Al-shraifin & Ahmad Al-shraifinJournal of Educational and Psychological Sciences13 (3), 307 – 3412012
Factors affecting on Shyness among Jordanian University Students: A Field StudyNedal Al-shraifin & Ahmad Al-shraifinJournal of Educational Sciences25 (3), 613 – 6442013
Psychological Loneliness and Psychological Security and the Relationship between them among a Sample of Foreign Students at Yarmouk UniversityManar Mustafa & Ahmad AL-ShraifinJordan Journal of Educational Sciences (JJES)9 (2), 141 – 1622013
The Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy and Group Counseling in Reducing the Level of Psychological Loneliness among Non-Jordanian Students at Yarmouk UniversityAhmad AL-Shraifin & Al-Mifleh, EmanJordan Journal of Educational Sciences (JJES)10 (1), 15 – 352014
Estimating Psychometric Characteristics of Collective Intelligence Test According to Latent Trait TheoryAhmad AL-Shraifin & Hijazi, TagreedJournal of Educational and Psychological Studies8 (1), 1 – 152014
The Effectiveness of Career Counseling Services and Career Future Anxiety and their Relationship among High School Students in Jordan. Journal of Educational and Psychological StudiesManar Mustafa, Ahmad AL-Shraifin & Rami TashtooshJournal of Educational and Psychological Studies8 (3), 209 – 2402014
Relationship between Stressful life events and Feeling of Satisfaction in Life among Yarmouk University Students in JordanManar Mustafa, Ahmad AL-Shraifin & Rami TashtooshJournal Of Al-Quds Open University For Humanities And Social Studies34 (2), 205 – 2502014
The Effects of a Counseling Supervision Program Based on the Skill Development Model on Increase Professional Self – Efficacy Level among Counselor trainees in JordanAhmad AL-ShraifinJournal of Educational and Psychological Studies9 (1), 1 – 232015
Psycho Pathological Symptoms and Family Climate, and their Relationship among Students of Yarmouk UniversityAhmad AL-Shraifin & B. AlqadiInternational Journal of research in education and psychology2(2), 186 – 2132015
Counseling Students Perceptions of School Counselor's Duties towards Students with Special NeedsHanan Al-Shagran, Qais Al-Meqdad, Ahmad AL-Shraifin & Mohammad MuhaidatHumanities Journal29 (3), 481 – 5122015
Predictive Ability of Psychological, Social and Demographic Variables in Mental Disorder Symptoms among Yarmouk University Students: A field StudyAhmad Al-shraifin, tagreed Hijazi & Nedal Al-shraifin Journal of Al-Quds Open University37 (2), 209 – 2522015
Sources of Psychological Stress and its Relation with Future Anxiety among Fertile and Infertile Women in Light of some VariablesAhmad AL-Shraifin & A. KAN’ ANDirasat: Educational Sciences44 (4/3), 103 – 1292017
The effectiveness of Bibliotherapy in Raising the Level of Citizenship Behavior among Yarmouk University StudentsAbeer Alrefai & Ahmad AL-ShraifinJournal of Education31 (125/2), 309 – 3602017
The Predictive Ability of Addiction to Electronic Games in Academic, Social and Emotional  Problems among in Adolescents Saudi ArabiaAhmad AL-Shraifin & Farhan Al-Dara’nInternational Journal of research in education and psychology5 (2), 451 – 4822017
Predictabiliy of Body Image and Emotional Stability in Selfie Addiction among Jordanian College StudentsAhmad AL-Shraifin & Enas WhaibiHebron University Research Journal (B)13, (1), 1 – 262018
Construction of a Personality Types Inventory for University Students based on Jung’s TheoryAhmad Al-shraifin, Nedal Al-shraifin & May AldigsJournal OF Educational Psychological SCIENCES19 (4), 315 – 3542018
Model of the Relationships between Supervising Working Alliance, Counseling Self-Esteem and Attachment StylesAhmad AL-ShraifinJournal of Educational and Psychological Studies13 (1), 124 – 1502019
Alexithymia and psychosomatic disorders among normal and orphan adolescents: a comparative studyMaream Alziadat & Ahmad AL-ShraifinJournal of Education133 (2), 309 – 3572019
Phantom Vibration and Ringing Syndrome: Prevalence and Relationship with Emotional Stability among Yarmouk University StudentsAhmad AL-Shraifin, Abeer Alrefai & A. AlrhailJournal of Almanarh, DSpace at Al al-Bayt University25 (3), 205 – 2402019
Prediction Capability of the Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction in Happiness among Students in late adolescentsMaream Alziadat & Ahmad AL-ShraifinJournal of Almanarh, DSpace at Al al-Bayt University25 (4), 81 – 1162019
The Effectiveness of Emotion-Focused Therapy and Adlerian Therapy in Reducing the Level of Alexithymia among Syrian Female RefugeesAnwar ALdhmashi & Ahmad AL-ShraifinDirasat: Educational Sciences46 (3), 443 – 4262019
Performance Anxiety and its Relation to Career Self-Concept and Personality Type among Educational Counselors in JordanAhmad AL-Shraifin & Rania SawalhaDirasat: Educational Sciences46 (1), 317 – 3432019
The Predictability of Self-Assertiveness and Social Networking Addiction in Cyberbullying among Yarmouk University StudentsAhmad AL-Shraifin & Wa’d Al-MonizelAbhath Al-Yarmouk Humanities and Social Sciences Series29 (1), 33 - 742020
The Effectiveness of Creative Counseling Methods in Modifying the Control Beliefs and Improving Psychological Empowerment Among AdolescentsAhmad AL-ShraifinJordan Journal of Educational Sciences (JJES)16 (1), 45 – 632020
Strategies for dealing with psychological stress among widowed women in JordanSuhaila Banat, Ahmad AL-Shraifin & Fuad AL-JawaldehJJOAS24 (1), 1 – 202020
predictive ability of humor styles in the body image of Jordanian universities studentsAhmad AL-Shraifin & Amal Al-NemratJournal of Hebron University Research Journal2 (15), 1 – 312020
The Relationship between Positive Thinking, Professional Identity and Counseling Self Efficacy among Counselors who Participated and who didn’t Participate in Queen Rania’s Award for Distinguished CounselorAhmad AL-Shraifin, Wafaa Sarhan & Souad GhaithDirasat: Educational Sciences47 (1), 128 – 1492020
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