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The Relationship Between Career Counsling Services and Academic Achievement Motivation Among a Sample of High School Students in Hail DistrictAbdulla Al-aslamiMaster\ Counseling Psychology2012Published
Parenting Styles and their Relationship with Family Adjustment among Married Female Teachers in Al-jof District.Alia AliniziMaster\ Counseling Psychology2012Published
The Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy and Group Counseling in Reducing the Level of Psychological Loneliness among Non Jordanian Students at Yarmouk UniversityEman Ismaeel Al-MiflehMaster\ Counseling Psychology2013Published
The Factors Affecting the Vocational Educational Choice among Aljouf University Students in Light of Some Demographic VariablesAhmad Al-blowiMaster\ Counseling Psychology2013Published
The Religious Responsibility and Its Relationship with Life Satisfaction among Sample of Yarmouk University StudentsManar AbualulaMaster\ Counseling Psychology2014Published
Social- Self Efficacy and Their Relationship to Some Emotional Disorder among Asample of Yarmouk University StudentsYousef Fehad Al-SooudMaster\ Counseling Psychology2014Published
Sources of Psychological Stress and Future Anxiety:A comparative study between Fertile and Nonfertile WomanAseel Kana’anMaster\ Counseling Psychology2014Published
The predictive ability of spiritual and emotional intelligence upon the mental health of Jordanian college studentsKhaled Mohammad MansourMaster\ Counseling Psychology2015Published
Personality Type and Citizenship Behavior: A comparative Study between Juveniles Delinquents and non-Delinquents.Mohannad Ghudefan Al-sareeMaster\ Counseling Psychology2015Published
Career Self-Concept and Personality Type as Predictors of the Performance Anxiety among Educational Counselors in Jordan. Master Thesis, Yarmouk UniversityRania Mohammad Al-SawalhaMaster\ Counseling Psychology2015Published
Family-Vocational Role Conflict and Forms of patients -Physicans Communication in JordanAnwar AlSsumohe AleneziMaster\ Counseling Psychology2015Published
Psycho Pathological Symptoms and Family Climate, and their Relationship among Students of Yarmouk UniversityB. ALqadiMaster\ Counseling Psychology2015Published
Addiction to Electronic Games and its Relationship to Academic, Social and Emotional Problems among School StudentsFarhan Abdel-Aziz Al-Dara’nMaster\ Counseling Psychology2015Published
Nomo phobia and its relation ship with Family Communication  among Husbands.Alamri MoaathaMaster\ Counseling Psychology2016Published
The Predictive Ability of Body Image and Emotion Stability in Selfie Addiction among Jordanian College Students.Enas Ahmad WhaibiMaster\ Counseling Psychology2016Published
Predictability power for degree of similarities according To personality traits and forms of communication between couples in family adjustment among sample of couples.Aminah Mustafa Al- HowariMaster\ Counseling Psychology2016Published
The printability of self-Assertiveness and Social Network Addition in cyber bullying among University Students.Waad AlminezelMaster\ Counseling Psychology2016Published
Metamemory among Sighted and non-Sighted Students at Yarmouk University: A Comparative StudyTamara Azmy Al MehlejMaster\ Counseling Psychology2017Published
Phantom Vibration and Ringing Syndrome: Prevalence and Relationship with Emotional Stability among Yarmouk University StudentsAmneh ALrhayylMaster\ Counseling Psychology2017Published
The effectiveness of bibliotherapy on improving body image and reducing cognitive biases among a sample of female adolescentsNoor BanifayyadMaster\ Counseling Psychology2018Published
Alexithymia among adolescents:  Prevalence and its relationship to family environmentkariman AbabnehMaster\ Counseling Psychology2018Published
The relative contribution of attachment styles in predicting alexithymia among adolescents.Esra'a Omar Bany IrshaedMaster\ Counseling Psychology2018Published
The relative contribution of family environment in the prediction of School Refusal Behavior among adolescentsEbtesam Diab Al-JarrahMaster\ Counseling Psychology2018Published
Compatibility in Personality Traits between Teachers and Their Students and its effect on students’ achievementThanaa FawazPH. D\ Counseling Psychology2018Published
The Effectiveness of Emotion-Focused Therapy and Adlerian Therapy in Reducing the Level of Alexithymia among Syrian Female Refugees who Experienced ViolenceAnwar Alsmohi AlanziPH. D\ Counseling Psychology2018Published
The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Storytelling in reducing Binge Eating Disorder and Impulsivity among a Sample of Female Adolescents.Noor Ahmed AleyadehMaster\ Counseling Psychology2019Published
Humor styles and its relationship to psychological well-being and body image among universities studentsAmal Yousef Al-NemratMaster\ Counseling Psychology2019Published
Effectiveness of counseling program based on  Saterʼs approach in  psychological empowerment and sense of meaning among a sample of divorced women in Jordan.Shatha AlshboolPH. D\ Counseling Psychology2020Published
The Predictive Ability of Self-Compassion, Cognitive Biases, and Attachment Patterns in Narcissistic Personality Disorder among Jordanian University Students.Amna migdadyPH. D\ Counseling Psychology2020Published
The Predictive Ability of Fear of Compassion, Self Compassion, and Importance to Others to Smiling Depression for those with Higher Job Titles.Noor Mohammed Abu MsamehPH. D\ Counseling Psychology2020Published
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