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Attachmentc-axis orientation and piezoelectric coefficients of AlN thin filmsA. Ababneha, M. Alsumady, H. Seidelb, T. Manzanequec, J. Hernando-Garcíac, J.L. Sánchez-Rojasc,Applied Surface ScienceApplied Surface Science 259 (2012) 59– 65ELSEVIER (Applied Surface Science)2012
AttachmentRainfall Estimation from Ground Radar MeasurementsAmin Alqudah, Shadi Alboon and Mohammed SumadyJKAU: Met., Env. & Arid Land Agric. SciVolume (24), Page Numbers (99-112)KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY 2013
AttachmentIntelligent Automatic High BeamMohammed Alsumady and Shadi. A. AlboonJ. of Active and Passive Electronic DevicesVol. 8, pp. 193-200©2013 Old City Publishing, Inc.Published by license under the OCP Science imprint,a member of the Old City Publishing Group2013
MOBILE TO MOBILE WIRELESS POWER TRANSFERMohammad A. Al-Jarrah , Mohammed O. Alsumady , Hanadi M. Rasheed Journal of Active & Passive Electronic Devices. JAPEDJournal of Active & Passive Electronic Devices. JAPED2017
A High-Gain Low Noise Amplifier for RFID Front-Ends ReaderZaid Albataineh, Yazan Hamadeh, Jafar Moheidat, Ahmad Dagamseh, Idrees Al-Kofahi, Mohammed AlsumadyJordan Journal of Electrical Engineering JJEEVolume 3, Number 1, 2017. Pages 65-74ISSN (Print): 2409-9600, ISSN (Online): 2409-96192017