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Research Title
8th International Symposium on Medical Information  and Communication Technology (ISMICT), 2014.Italy2014
Mobile Mules: Modular E-Health Information Synchronization Framework
A. Al-Tamimi and A. Khalifeh
IEEE  European Modeling Symposium (ESM2012),MaltaNov. 2012
Modeling VP8/WebM Encoded Video Traces
A. Al-Tamimi
IEEE International Conference on Electronics,  Circuits, and SystemsSpainDec 2012
A Power Efficient 3-Gbits/S 1.8V PMOS-Based LVDS Output Driver
H. Marar, K. Abugharbieh, A. Al-Tamimi
Int. Conf. on Internet  Multimedia Systems Architecture and Applications (IMSAA)IndiaDec 2010
Dynamic Resource Allocation Based on Online Traffic Prediction for Video Streams
A. Al-Tamimi, R. Jain, and C. So-In
Annual ACM SIGMM Conference on Multimedia Systems (MMSys)USAFeb 2010
Modeling and generation of AVC and SVC-TS mobile video traces for broadband access networks
A. Al Tamimi, R. Jain, and C. So-In
The Second International Conferences on Advances in Multimedia, MMEDIAGreece2010
Modeling and Prediction of High Definition Video Traffic: A Real-World Case Study
A. Al-Tamimi, R. Jain, and C. So-In
Int. Conf. on Multimedia & Expo (ICME)JapanJuly 2010
Statistical Analysis and Modeling of High Definition Video Traces
A. Al-Tamimi, R. Jain, and C. So-in
IEEE Sarnoff  SymposiumUSAMar 2009
A Deficit Round Robin with Fragmentation Scheduler for IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX
C. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al Tamimi
IEEE 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC)ChinaOct 2009
OCSA: An algorithm for burst mapping in IEEE 802.16 e mobile WiMAX networks
C. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al-Tamimi
Fourth  International Conference on Access Networks (AccessNets2009)USAJune 2009
SWIM: A Scheduler for Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS) in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Networks
C. So-in, R. Jain, and A. Al-Tamimi
Second IFIP Wireless Days ConferenceFranceDec 2009
eOCSA: An Algorithm for Burst Mapping with Strict QoS Requirements in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Networks
C. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al-Tamimi
IEEE Tenth  International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM2008)USA2008
SAM: A Simplified Seasonal ARIMA Model for Mobile Video over Wireless Broadband Networks
A. Al-Tamimi, R. Jain and C. So-In
IEEE Innovations in Information TechnolofyUAENov. 2006
A Thin Security Layer Protocol over IP Protocol on TCP/IP Suite for Security Enhancement
M. Al-Jarrah and A. Al-Tamimi
The 2nd Biennial International Conference on the user of iPads in Higher EducationUSAMarch 2016
Towards Designing a Portable Online Assessment System
A. Al-Tamimi et. al
International Conference on Wireless Com-munications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET 2017)India
Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Qual-ity Under Lossy Networks
A. Khalifeh, A. Al-Tamimi, and K. Darabkh
IEEE  Jordan  Conference  on  Applied  Electri-cal Engineering and Computing Technologies (AEECT 2017)Jordan2017
Arabic Sentiment  Analysis  of YouTube  Comments
A.  Al-Tamimi,  A.  Shatnawi  and  E.  Bani  Issa