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Low-Delay  Adaptive  Video  StreamingBased  on  Short-Term  TCP  Throughput  PredictionK. Miller, A. Al-Tamimi, and A. WoliszCornel University Library (submitted to ACM-TOMM)2015
ISAB: Integrated Indoor Navigation System for the BlindI. Abu-Doush, S. Alshatanawi, A. Al-Tamimi et. al. Interacting with Computers 20162016
A 1.8 V low power 5 Gbps PMOS-based LVDS output driver with good return loss performanceH. Marar, K. Abugharabieh, and A. Al-TamimiAnalog IntegratedCircuits and Signal Processing (Springer)Springer2013
High-De nition  Video  Streams  Analysis,Modeling, and PredictionA. Al-Tamimi, C. So-In, and R. JainAdvances in MultimediaHindawi2012
AARI: Automatic Arabic Readability IndexA. Al-Tamimi et. al.The International Arab Journal of Information Technology2012
Scheduler for Unsolicited Grant Service(UGS) in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX NetworksC. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al-TamimiIEEE Systems Journal2010
Modeling and Resource Allocation for Mo-bile Video over WiMAX Broadband Wireless NetworksA. Al-Tamimi, C. So-In, R. JainIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Commu-nications (JSAC)2010
Capacity Evaluation for IEEE 802.16e MobileWiMAXC. So-In, R. Jain, A. Al-TamimiJournal of Computer Systems, Networks, and Communications, Specialissue on WiMAX, LTE, and WiFi Interworking,
SWIM: A Scheduler for Unsolicited GrantService (UGS) in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX NetworksC. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al-TamimiIEEE Systems Journal
De ficit  Round  Robin  with  Fragmentation Scheduling  to  Achieve  Generalized  Weighted  Fairness  for  Resource  Allocation  in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX NetworksC. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al-TamimiJournal of Future Internet
Capacity estimation and TCP performance enhancement over mobile WiMAX networkB. Kim, J. Yun, Y. Hur, ,C. So-In, R. Jain, A. Al-TamimiIEEE Communications Magazine2009
Scheduling in IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Networks:  Key Issues and a SurveyC. So-In, R. Jain, and A. Al-TamimiIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Commu-nications (JSAC)2009
System Level Modeling of IEEE 802.16eMobile WiMAX Networks:  Key IssuesR. Jain,  C. So-In,  and A. Al-Tamimi IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine2008
Parallel Scheme for Real-Time Detection of Photosensitive SeizuresM. A. Alzubaidi, M. Otoom, and A. Al-TamimiComputers in Biology and Medicine70 pp 139-147Elsevier2016
E-Based  Low-Delay  Live  StreamingUsing Throughput PredictionsK.  Miller,  A.  Al-Tamimi,  and  A.  Wolisz, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Comput-ing,  Communications,  and  Applications  (TOMM),  Volume  13  Issue  12016
Optimized  Parallel  Implementationof  Extended  Kalman  Filter  Using  FPGAA.  Jarrah,  A.  Al-Tamimi,  and  T.  AlbashirJournal  of  Circuits,  Systems,  and ComputersVol.  27, No.  12018