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AttachmentPublication list, please see the C.V.
Instructional Software for Teaching Ac Voltage Controller Using MATLAB Graphical User InterfaceIbrahim A. Altawil(JEAS) Journal of Engineering and Applied Science2006
Effect of Instructional software on Achievement of Undergraduate Student in Power electronicsI. A. Altawil and H. Y. Yamin(IJEE) International Journal of Engineering Education2008
A Novel Method for Current Harmonic Compensation at Distribution Power Lines, Part 1: Current Harmonic Investigation And Data PreparationMamoun F. Al-Mistarihi1, Ibrahim A. Altawil1, Mohammad H. Al-Zoubi2, Qasem M. Al-Zoubi2, Mazen T. Al-Oqaily3 Cegrey ConferenceMay 2010
Risk-based self-scheduling for GenCos in the day-ahead competitive electricity marketsH. Y. Yamin, I. A. Altawil, A. F. Al-Ajlouni and S. M. Shahidehpour European Transaction on Electrical Power2009
A New Developed Educational Approach to Improve Conventional Teaching Methodology of the Power Electronics LaboratoryH.Y. Yamin, I.A. Altawil, A.F. Al-Ajlouni, and A.S. Al-FahoumJournal of Computer Applications in Engineering Education2009
Novel Educational Approach to Enhance Conventional Teaching Methodology of Power Electronics using Matlab/SimulinkI.A. Altawil, H.Y. Yamin, A.F. Al-Ajlouni, and Ali EyadehInternational Journal of Innovation and Learning (IJIL)2009