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Research Title
American Geophysical Union (AGU)San Francisco, California.USA10-14 December 2001
" Ozone Modulation/Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Hydrocarbon Pollutants in Air"
Fadel Wedian and Atkinson, B. D.
Sixtieth Annual Meeting of the Oregon Academy of Science Forest Grove, Oregon, USAFebruary 23, 2002
" Selective Modulation of Alkenes in Gaseous Samples by Ozonolysis / Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry"
Fadel Wedian
The fifth Jordanian Conference of ChemistryIrbid, Jordan July 16-19, 2008,
" Improve the Selectivity of non-polar Alkanes, Alkenes and Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds by Application of Acetonitrile as a CI Reagent"  
Fadel Wedian
The 7th Jordanian International Confrence of chemistryJordan19-21 April, 2016
The Application of Simple Bivariate calibration and Derivative Spectroscopy for Simultaneous Determination of Binary Drugs in Pharmaceutical Formulations
Anas Lataifeh and Fadel Wedian