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​​​About Me

        ►1998 – 2004 : Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Resources – Chemistry, Portland State              University, Oregon/U.S.A.

        I received a Ph.D. in ESR/Chemistry (Environmental/Analytical Chemistry) from the Chemistry Department at Portland State University, in the Spring of 2004. The ESR/Chemistry program is encompassing as much or more coursework, teacher training, and research experience in Chemistry as any U.S. doctoral program plus four courses (including a seminar series) in Environmental issues.

Dissertation Title: New Mass Spectrometric Methods for Studying the Atmospheric Impact of  Hydrocarbons.   Advisor: Prof. Dean B. Atkinson           


  ► 1993 - 1996: Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Jordan, Amman,   Jordan

Thesis Title:  Modification of Copper Surface by Adatoms and Its Application in Retarding Corrosion.      Advisors: Prof. Mohamed Khair Al-Hourani and Prof. Hussien Rahmatalla

1989 - 1993: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Yarmouk University, Irbid,   Jordan