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Social media usage and innovation performance: the case of fashion SMEs in JordanAlalawneh, A. A. F., Alkhatib, S. F., & Abu Abbass, M. HInternational Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education1-12Taylor & Francis2021
The barriers to big data adoption in developing economiesAlalawneh, A. A., & Alkhatib, S. F. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries87(1) 1-16Wiley 2020
The Nexus between student satisfaction and continuance intention to use mobile learningWasfi Alrawabdeh, Muneer abbad, Faten jaber, Ammar Alalawneh, Mohammed AlBarghouthi Int. J. Management Practice1-17InderscienceIn press
Business Research in Developing Economies: Evidential MBA Theses Approach – Case of JordanAlalawneh, A. A., & Alkhatib, S. F. Jordanian Journal of Business Administration1-30 The Ministry of Higher Education and the University of Jordan.In press
The impact of mission statement on performance: An exploratory study in the Jordanian Banking IndustryAlalawneh, A. A. Journal of Management Policy and Practice1-15North American Business Press2015
Total Quality Management (TQM) Applications on Jordanian Software CompaniesAL- Salem, M and AL-ALawneh, AmmarJordanian Journal of Business Administration1-17The Ministry of Higher Education and the University of Jordan.2006