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Reconfigurable FPGA/GPU Based Architecture of Block Compressive Sampling Matching Pursuit AlgorithmJarrah. A., Mohsin Jamali Journal of Circuits, Systems, and ComputersVolume 24, Issue 04World Scientific2015
A Parallel implementation of Extensive Cancellation Algorithm (ECA) for Passive Bistatic Radar (PBR) on a GPUJarrah. A., Mohsin Jamali The Journal of Signal Processing SystemsSpringer2015
Reconfigurable FPGA Based Architecture of Extensive Cancellation Algorithm (ECA) for Passive Bistatic Radar (PBR)Jarrah. A., Mohsin Jamali The Journal of Microprocessors and MicrocomputersElsevier2015
Power Reduction Technique Using Multiple Supply Voltage and Switching Activity AnalysisHaddad. B, Jarrah. A Journal of Circuits, Systems, and ComputersVolume 22, Issue 02World Scientific2013
Software tool for efficient FPGA design of direct data domain approach for space time adaptive processingJarrah. A., Mohsin Jamali IET Electronics LettersVolume 49, Issue 13, pp. 789–791IET Electronics Letters2013
Sensitivity Analysis for Optimal Parameters for Marine Radar Data processingJarrah. A., Mohsin Jamali American Journal of Signal ProcessingVolume 3, Number 32013
Semi-Automatic Cracks Correction based on Sem Processing, Stochastic Analysis and Learning ProcessHaddad. B, Jarrah. A International Journal of Image and GraphicsVolume 13, Issue 04World Scientific2013
Optimized Parallel Architecture of Kalman Filter for Radar Tracking ApplicationsAmin JarrahJordan Journal of Electrical EngineeringJordan Journal of Electrical Engineering2016
Optimized parallel architecture of evolutionary neural network for mass spectrometry data processingAmin Jarrah, Bashar Haddad, Mohammad A. Al-Jarrah, Muhammad Bassam Obeidat> International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computi 1 (8)World Scientific2016
Optimized Parallel Implementation of Genetic Algorithm on FPGA using Vivado High Level Synthesis ToolEman Alqudah and Amin Jarrah International Journal of Bio-Inspired ComputationINDERSCIENCE ENTERPRISES LTD 2019
Optimized Parallel Implementation of Extended Kalman Filter Using FPGAAmin Jarrah, Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi, Tala Albashir Journal of Circuits, Systems, and ComputersVolume 27, Issue 01World scientific2018
An OpenCLbased parallel acceleration of a Sobel edge detection algorithm Using Intel FPGA technologyAlmomany, A., AI-Omari, A. M., Jarrah, A., Tawalbeh, M., & Alqudah, ASouth African Computer Journal32(1)2020
Discovering regulatory motifs of genetic networks using the indexing-tree based algorithm: a parallel implementationAlmomany, A., Al-Omari, A. M., Jarrah, A., & Tawalbeh, M.Engineering Computations.2020
Weavesim: A Scalable And Reusable Cloud Simulation Framework Leveraging Aspect-Oriented ProgrammingAlSobeh, A. M., AlShattnawi, S., Jarrah, A., & Hammad, M. MJordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)2020
High-Performance Implementation of Wideband Coherent Signal-Subspace (CSS)-Based DOA Algorithm on FPGAAmin Jarrah, Abedalmuhdi Almomany, Anas MR Alsobeh, Eman AlqudahJournal of Circuits, Systems and ComputersWorld Scientific Publishing Company2021
High Performance Implementation of Neural Networks Learning Using Swarm Optimization Algorithms for EEG Classification Based on Brain Wave DataAli Al Bataineh, Amin JarrahInternational Journal of Applied Metaheuristic Computing (IJAMC)IGI Global2022
FCM Clustering Approach Optimization Using Parallel High-Speed Intel FPGA TechnologyAbedalmuhdi Almomany, Amin Jarrah, Anwar Al AssafJournal of Electrical and Computer EngineeringHindawi2022
Optimised implementation of AVR system using particle swarm optimisationAmin Jarrah, Mohmmad ZaitounInternational Journal of Computational Science and EngineeringInderscience Publishers (IEL)2022
High Performance Changeable Dynamic Gentle Random Early Detection (CDGRED) for Congestion Control at Router BufferAmin Jarrah, etalInternational Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC)IGI Global2022
High-Performance Implementation of Power Components on FPGA PlatformAmin Jarrah, Zaid Sari Haymoor, Hussein MK Al-Masri, Abedalmuhdi AlmomanyJournal of Electrical Engineering & TechnologySpringer Nature Singapore2022
Optimized implementation of an improved KNN classification algorithm using Intel FPGA platform: Covid-19 case studyAbedalmuhdi Almomany, Walaa R Ayyad, Amin JarrahJournal of King Saud University-Computer and Information SciencesElsevier2022
A New Approach of Combining Optical Mapping Algorithm with Adaptive Kalman Filter to Achieve Fast and Early Detection of Cardiac Arrests: A Parallel Implementation.Amin Jarrah, Abedalmuhdi Almomany, Ali AlkhafajiTraitement du SignalInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association2022
Optimized FPGA-Based Implementation of Brain Tumor Detection by Combining K-Means and Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithms.Amin Jarrah, Sereen AmriTraitement du SignalInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association2022
Accurate Reader Identification for the Arabic Holy Quran Recitations Based on an Enhanced VQ AlgorithmMohammad A Al-Jarrah, Ahmad Al-Jarrah, Amin Jarrah, Mohammad AlShurbaji, Sharaf K Magableh, Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi, Nisreen Bzoor, Mamoun O Al-ShamaliRevue d'Intelligence ArtificielleInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association2022
Accelerating FCM Algorithm Using High-Speed FPGA Reconfigurable Computing ArchitectureAbedalmuhdi Almomany, Amin Jarrah, Anwar Al AssafJournal of Electrical Engineering & TechnologySpringer Nature Singapore2023
A New Optimized Hybridization Approach for in silico High Throughput Molecular Docking on FPGA PlatformJarrah Amin*, Lababneh JawadCurrent Computer-Aided Drug Design20(3)Bentham2024
Automotive engine idle speed controller: Nonlinear model predictive control utilizing the firefly algorithmAl-Jarrah, M. A., Jarrah, A., & Alawaisah, A. Computers and Electrical Engineering108Elsevier 2023
Open CL Altera SDK v.14.0 vs. v. 13.1 Benchmarks StudyAlmomany A, Jarrah A. Orient.J. Comp. Sci. and Technol15(1)