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Optimized Hardware Implementation of Genetic Algorithms on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) using High Level Synthesis Tool (HLST)Eman Al-QudahEmbedded System2019Published
Changeable Gentle Random Early Detection for congestion Control at the Router Buffer Mohammad ALshiabindustrial Automation2019Published
Optimized Design of AVR System Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)Mohammad ZaitoonComputer Engineering2019Published
Measuring power components for nonlinear loads using FPGAZaid Sari Yusuf HaymorComputer Engineering2020Published
Optimized Predictive control for automotive engine idle speed regulation using Firefly Swarm AlgorithmAmal Mahmoud Rabie Al-AwaisaComputer Engineering2021Published
Optimized Implementation of an Improved KNN Classification algorithm using FPGA Computing Device Wala AyyadComputer Engineering2022Published
Optimized FPGA-based implementation of brain tumor detection by combining a modified k-means and GWO algorithms.Sereen AlamriComputer Engineering2022Published
FPGA Accelarion of Optical Mapping Algorithm for Early Detection of Cardiac Arrest using Vivado HLS ToolAli KhayoonComputer Engineering2022Published
Implementation of Real-Time Cryptographic system in the cloud environmentMaram LasasmehComputer Engineering2022Published
Optimized implementation of hABCDE algorithm for In-silico high throughput molecular docking on FPGA using HLS toolJawad LababnehComputer Engineering2022Published
FPGA-based Autonomous Driving System for Preventing Driver Drowsiness and Sleepiness Accidents using PID and CNN Controlزيد رائد معروفComputer Engineering 2024Not Published