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Discovering a Regulatory Network Topology Using Ensemble Methods on GPGPUs with Special Reference to the Biological Clock of Neurospora crassa; Al-Omari, James Griffith, Michael Judge,Thiab Taha, Jonathan Arnold , and H.Bernd SchuttlerIEEE AccessVolume 3 & Pages: 27 - 42IEEE2015
AttachmentSolving large Nonlinear Systems of First-order Ordinary Differential Equations with Hierarchical Structure Using Multi-GPGPUs and an Adaptive Runge Kutta ODE SolverAhmad Al-Omari,J. Arnold ,T. Taha, and H.-B. SchuttlerIEEE AccessVolume 1 & Pages: 770 - 777IEEE2013
AttachmentSolving Nonlinear Systems of First Order Differential Equations Using a Galerkin Finite Element MethodAhmad Al-Omari, H.-B. Schuttler, J. Arnold and T. Taha IEEE AccessVolume 1 & Pages: 408 - 417IEEE2013
AttachmentSynchronizing stochastic circadian oscillators in single cells of Neurospora crassaZhaojie Deng, Sam Arsenault, Cristian Caranica, James Griffith, Taotao Zhu, Ahmad Al-Omari, H-Bernd Schuttler, Jonathan Arnold, and Leidong MaoNature Scientific Reports6,1-18Nature2016
AttachmentEnsemble methods for stochastic networks with special reference to the biological clock of Neurospora crassaC. Caranica, A. Al-Omari, Z. Deng, J. Griffith, R. Nilsen, L. Mao, J. Arnold, H.- B. SchuttlerPLOS ONEPLOS ONE2018
Discovering regulators in Post-Transcriptional control of the Biological Clock of Neurospora crassa using Variable Topology Ensemble Methods on GPUs; Al-Omari1, James Griffith2,3, Cristian Caranica4, Thiab Taha5. H-Bernd Schuttler6, & Jonathan Arnold3IEEE ACCESSVolume 6, Issue 1 , pages 54582-54594IEEE2018
AttachmentFinding Regulatory Motifs of Genetic Networks Using Cut-Sort AlgorithmAhmad AL-omari, Mohammed Tawalbeh,and Abedalmuhdi AlmomanyJJEEVolume 5 , Issue 2 , No. pages14JJEE2019
AttachmentSingle cells of Neurospora crassa show circadian oscillations, light entrainment, temperature compensation, and phase synchronizationZhaojie Deng, Jia Hwei Cheong, Cristian Caranica, Lingyun Wu, Xiao Qiu, Michael Judge, Brooke Hull, Carmen Rodriguez, James Griffith, Ahmad Al-Omari, Sam Arsenault, Heinz-Bernd Schüttler, Leidong Mao, and Jonathan Arnold IEEE ACCESS7IEEE2019
An efficient OpenCL-based parallel hardware implementation of a Sobel edge detection algorithm using Intel FPGA Technology Abedalmuhdi Almomany , Ahmad M. Al-Omari, Amin Jarrah, Mohammed Tawalbeh, and Amin AlqudahSACJVol 32, Issue 1SAICSIT2020
Discovering regulatory motifs of genetic networks using the indexing-tree based algorithm: a parallel implementation: Abedalmuhdi Almomany, Ahmad M. Al-Omari, Amin Jarrah, Mohammad TawalbehEngineering Computations Vol. 38 No. 1, pp. 354-370. Publishing Limited2020
Identifying a stochastic clock network with light entrainment for single cells of Neurospora crassa: Cristian Caranica,Ahmad Al-Omari, H-Bernd Schuttler, Jonathan ArnoldNature Scientific ReportsVolume:10 ,Issue:1,No pages 24Nature2020
AttachmentEnsemble Methods for Identifying RNA Operons and Regulons in the Clock Network of Neurospora Crassa M. AL-OMARI , JAMES GRIFFITH, ASHLEY SCRUSE, ROBERT W. ROBINSON, HEINZ-BERND SCHÜTTLER , AND JONATHAN ARNOLDIEEE Access10 (32510 - 32524)IEEE2022
AttachmentThe macroscopic limit to synchronization of cellular clocks in single cells of Neurospora crassaJia Hwei Cheong, Xiao Qiu, Yang Liu, Ahmad Al‑Omari, James Griffith, Heinz‑Bernd Schüttler, Leidong Mao & Jonathan ArnoldNature Scientific Reports12Nature2022