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The Level of Psychological Stress and its Relationship to Job Turnover as Perceived by Employees of Albalqa Governorate in JordanDr. Anan Abu-Hummour Yarmouk  Research Series  ISSN (1023- 0165) 2011Yarmouk University2009
Management by Objectives and Its Impact on Managerial Innovation in the Jordanian Public Sector from Middle Management Perspective in the Central Offices of Ministries Dr. Anan Abu-Hummour Yarmouk  Research Series  ISSN (1023- 0165) 2011Yarmouk University2010
Organizational Commitment and Its Impact on Employee’s Performance in Jordan Electric Power Company [JEPCO] in Irbid from Their PerspectiveDr. Anan Abu-Hummour & Et alAlmanaraN/AAal Albit Universuity2015
Management by Objectives and Its Impact on Organizational Commitment and Managerial Innovation in Jordanian Public Sector: A Field Study from Middle Management Perspective in the Centers of MinistriesDr. Anan Abu-Hummour Yarmouk University2010
الإدارة بالأهداف وأثرها على دعم الولاء التنظيمي والإبداع الإداري في القطاع الحكومي الأردني: دراسة ميدانية من وجهة نظر مديري الإدارة الوسطى في مراكز الوزارات Dr. Anan Abu-Hummour Yarmouk University2010
Evaluation of the Kingdom of Jordan’s National Employment Strategy 2011-2020 and Its Guest Worker ProgramDr. Anan Abu-Hummour N/AN/AJSU2016
Evaluation of decentralization experience through political, administrative, and fiscal indicators: The case of JordanProf. Mohammad Taamneh, Prof. Mohammad Rawabdeh, and Dr. Anan M. Abu-HummourJournal of Public AffairsDOI: 10.1002/pa.2026Journal of Public Affairs2019
Inclusiveness of Jordanian women in local decision‐making process: Opportunities and threatsDr. Anan Abu-Hummour Journal of Public AffairsDOI: 10.1002/pa.1928John Wiley & Sons, Ltd2019
Total quality management and the quality of service provided: case study of Jordanian public managementSahem Nawafleh* and  Anan Abu HummourMiddle East J. ManagementVol. 6, No. 3, 2019 277-297Inderscience2019
TQM Practices and Their Effect on Jordanian MunicipalitiesA. A-Hummour,  Seif Athamneh,  Samir Al-balasInternational Journal of Business & Public Administration 15 (1), 129-147The Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines-The IJBPA2018
Local decision-making within the concept of governance in JordanProf. Mohammad Taamneh, Dr. Anan M. Abu-Hummour and Nour A. Al-QuroanMiddle East J. Management7 (2), 109-131Inderscience2020
Evaluation study of Jordan's decent work country programme (DWCP) from 2012 to 2015Dr. Anan Abu-Hummour International Journal of Management PracticeN/AInderscience2020
A summative evaluation of Jordan's poverty reduction strategy (PRS) 2013-2020: Case-in-point in socio-economic policyDr. Anan Abu-Hummour Journal of Poverty & Public PolicyN/AWiley Online Library2020