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Anas M.R. AlSobeh (AlSubh), Ph.D

Associate Professor of Information Systems
Former ​Director of the Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Centre​

P.O. Box 4762, Postal Code 21163 Irbid, Jordan

Office Location : Al Khawarzmi Bldg (Room 506)                 Tel : 7211111 ext 3385'



Love teaching, programming and problem solving, passionate to learn new languages and tools.
Experience as a .NET developer and Java Eclipse developed a real-world web application, and familiar with the Software Life Cycle Development and design patterns. 
Interested in Distributed systems, Distributed Transaction Processing Systems, Cloud Computing, and Web development, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Web Security, Data Analysis, Cebersecurity,  and UI/UX. 
Like research that explores how a combination of software system architectures, automated software tools, and empirically derived programming guidelines can assist the programmer in developing and optimizing with the focus on Object-Oriented Programming, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Software quality, information quality, cybersecurity analysis and data analytics over large-scale distributed information systems like the Web, and Social Media. 
Like movies, nature, swimming, traveling and volunteering work


  • Proficient in Web Programming and Modeling technologies such as HTML5, PHP, C#, Visual Paradigm, Oracle, and MySql Database
  • Skilled in Web Applications, Dynamic Programming, and Software Systems Patterns
  • Experienced in Software architecture, implementation, and testing
  • Experienced in the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Knowledgeable in analytical and design software
  • Proficient in software application testing
  • Knowledgeable in modeling software
  • Experienced in Web Development projects and technologies
  • Proficient in front-end web languages and web development expertise
  • Experienced in Web application implementation and Web platform development
  • Experienced in Web-based software engineering and Website optimization
  • Knowledgeable in Data security and Data analysis
  • Experienced in Database design and W3C DOM methods
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledgeable in Training system scope
  • Proficient in PHP


Summary:  Yarmouk University 

Yarmouk University (YU) was founded in 1976 with a mission to provide quality education to its students in the various fields of specializations at the BSc, MSc, and PhD levels, by developing competencies in various fields of science and knowledge through providing distinguished education and producing of innovative scientific research that serves the community and contributes to building knowledge economy by creating a university environment that stimulates creativity, through freedom of expression and responding to the demands of society and scientific development.

YU found that this cannot be done without international collaboration with leading schools, worldwide. Collaboration forms include the development and implementation of joint projects that can establish new structures and/or policies or modernize existing ones. Other forms include exchanging students to pursue graduate studies and exchanging academic and administrative staff for knowledge transfer via sharing projects development and implementations. One ultimate objective is to fuel the economic growth and development of Jordan, and that would also contribute to human welfare and prosperity in its wider context.

YU has 63 bachelor's, 67 masters, and 18 Ph.D. programs located in 15 faculties. It has also 18 research and service centers, including the quality and academic development center and the Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Centre. Student enrolment at YU is approximately 30,000 students in the undergraduate programs and is approximately 5,000 students in the graduate programs. It has also approximately 1200 teaching staff and 1400 administrative staff. The instruction language in most fields of study of Yarmouk University is English. YU is established by the Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Center (RDFMSC), July 1997The Center is considered an extension of the refugees and displaced Studies Program, which was founded at the university on 12th, July 1992. The Center is mainly funded by YU and other contributions of regional and international organizations. The Deanship of Academic Research and Higher Studies also allocates an annual budget for research conducted by the Center. YU strives to raise the awareness of refugees issues and to conduct studies, research, and projects and it holds conferences, symposiums, and workshops related to the issue of refugees. The center aims to provide the values of tolerance and coexistence and to spread them throughout society. Respecting the diversity of multiple opinions, leaning to moderate points of view, and avoiding extremism. Raising awareness, hope, leniency, equity, and credibility in all aspects of life. Raising local awareness of refugees' conditions and their humanitarian needs. Publishing the results of scientific research with optimum credibility and transparency.





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